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Christmas Gift Guide – For Cat Lovers – Under £15.00

I’m a crazy cat lady, I have no shame in admitting this, due to the simple fact it brings me so much joy.

I  also haven’t yet, headed to my local Tattooist and booked in to have a tiny, minimal cat Tattoo (but I’ve considered it) and I only have one cat. Regardless, I’m a crazy cat lady and there’s no other way for me to be and, whilst we’re on the subject, I’ve got the jumper to prove it, just sayin’…

So, moving on…

Christmas is not far away and I wanted to put together a little gift guide of treat’s that you might like to purchase for the cat lover in your life, or just for yourself. I won’t judge, it’s hard for me to resist buying everything for myself,  who knows, maybe I will.

Enough small talk, let’s get stuck in shall we?

Cat Mug – £7.00

Ideal for the purfect coffee break, too much? Never.

They say that plant ladies are the new cat ladies, I can’t help but agree…

This will put a smile on your face everytime you open a bottle!

  1. I’m always cold.

  2. I love a good hot water bottle.

  3. My cat loves hot water bottles.

  4. Sold.

Let your outfit do the talking with this cute cat slogan T-shirt.


I hope you’ve found this helpful, let me know what you buy?



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