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Chocolate, Date and Nut Bar’s


Calling all chocoholics…

I’ve found a new way for you to get your fix…

The problem with most chocolate bars is that the satisfaction is short lived, a little like a roller-coaster? We are whisked into an exhilarating high, and then within second’s it’s all over and we are back where we started.

Or maybe that’s just me?

I don’t know, maybe I like the chocolate high more than I like the roller-coaster high…?

Moving on….I recently created this recipe for the lovely folk at and it’s wonderfully simple, made with everyday cupboard ingredients, gluten free and can even be made vegan.

You can see the full recipe and a step by step guide here.

default_name (1)

Keep in mind…

‘There is no chocoholics anonymous, because no one wants to quit’



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