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Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies…

I love those mornings when the sun is shining through the windows and bed is just so warm and comfortable leaving seems like a absolute impossibility. Dozing in and out of the most comfortable sleep my alarm then starts like a cruel sharp shock reminding me that indeed it really is time to get up and stop being lazy.

You may have noticed I have been muttering on about cookies; I was about 13 when I first discovered ‘Millies Cookies’ and I’m pretty sure they used to trade under ‘Cookie Jar’ back then. I was immediately hooked on the doughy texture and vast amount of chocolate chips. Fast forward to 2012 and this is a cookie style that is available everywhere from Subway to Tescos.

I really feel that these cookies require very little in the way of promotion, they’re easy to make, use store cupboard ingredients and are absolutely delicious. Plus, they’re ready in less than 30 minutes, providing I can bare to wait for them to cool down! 

 Cookie’s “Millies” Style


250g Self Raising Flour

200g Chocolate chips/chunks (I used Cadbury chunks)

225g Caster Sugar

125g Butter (room temperature) 

1 Egg (beaten)

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

A pinch of salt  Two trays lined with greaseproof paper

(Makes 20 Cookies)


Pre heat your oven to 170degrees and in a large bowl mix together your dry ingredients (Flour – Sugar – Salt & Chocolate Chunks).

Now mix in your butter, vanilla extract and egg and mix to form a dough.

You will need two trays lined with greaseproof paper and I recommend taking a small (or large) handful dough to roll into a ball and then place this on your tray/paper combo and press down to create your cookie! Annnnnnnnd repeat until all dough is used (or just eat the last few bits!)

Once your cookies are on tray’s oven bake for no more than 8mins for the perfectly gooey, chocolatey cookie. When your cookies are out of the oven leave on the baking tray for 3mins before transferring to a cooling rack (or plate) whilst they cool and firm up. 

Hints & Tips…

*For ease I tend to pop my butter in the microwave for about 10seconds as this makes it so much easier to combine the wet and dry mix together. *The cookies will NOT look cooked enough when you remove them from the oven but after ten mins cooling they will set and look far more appealing and perfectly ‘Millie’ *If you want a more crunchy cookie bake for 10mins *Feel free to get creative; smarties, dried fruit and mixed chocolate all make wonderful alternatives – I made white chocolate with fudge pieces.

Katie x

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