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Cake Vs Fails

Let’s be honest, life is pretty tough right now…

I’ve never known such uncertainty and confusion within the world; so I felt it might (or might not) be good to take a more light-hearted view. So, with this in mind, I’ve put together a selection of my failures from the past few years…

So sit back, grab a cuppa and let’s get started.

When you’re wearing Nike, but actually you can’t just do it.

Ahhh, memories – This was my last ski trip with my sister, we were heading into town to buy some supplies. But standing was proving a genuine difficulty, as you can see, Sarah was hugely supportive during my time of need.

When you think that you might follow through, but you have to style it out because you’re in public.

Just kidding, but there’s really no way to nicely “style out” going down a slide whilst covered in mud, is there? is there?

When you just want to be just like all the cool girls on Instagram…

But, actually staying serious/ladylike/elegant for more than 20 seconds proves extremely difficult. Impossible in fact.

That horrible moment when you realise, that the couch isn’t exactly the right size…

We’ve all been there, right? I mean, how totally wild would checking the measurements beforehand be?

When someone suggests actually standing up on a paddleboard…

Pardon, I don’t understand? Oh, it’s a joke – Hahahaha

When you’re so fierce that you can eat an entire tub of Ben’n’Jerrys without a spoon…

Sadly, I would not recommend this – The clean up was long and arduous, however, the ice cream was delicious.

Do you like my cossie?

It looks even better when I wear it the right way around.

Went to London, drank a bottle of Moet, made some friends #gamechanger

They didn’t have much to say, the conversation was a bit one-sided. I felt as if they really liked me though, I think there was a genuine connection captured there.

No photos please, no seriously unless it’s a pint of redbull and 20kg of chocolate I’m not interested.

Ever had a moment when you didn’t actually want your husband to be an Instagram husband? Because that was mine.


On a more serious note, let’s all stick together and stay positive right now. Love to all of you! x

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