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Brooks Running – Summer Kit Review

Firstly and foremost, I need you lovely people to know that I am part of the Brooks Run Happy Team and this means that they very kindly send me kit. However, as always these opinions are strictly my own and I have not been asked to publish a review.

So, here we are, it’s finally summertime and it’s beautiful to be out in the blazing sun. Despite this, I actually find it to be one of the hardest times of the year for running. The sun simply zaps my much-needed energy, it’s tricky to get hydration just right, you know the balance between being just “Okay” to needing to stop and find a bush to pee in, or becoming so dehydrated you start dreaming about cold 7up or Cola.

Anyway, enough about my running troubles, there are far bigger problems in the world. Shall we switch it up and talk about sportswear…?

The Distance Graphic Tee – Is absolutely perfect for summer running, the material is super lightweight, the fit is just the right side of spacious. Plus, the “Run Happy” logo serves as a way to bring an instant smile to someone’s face and remind yourself of why you run.

The same values apply with the Distance Short Sleeve Tee, also you can get both of these as a vest if that’s what you prefer. However, I’m finding that t-shirts are a really comfortable choice for me this season, could it be that I’m becoming converted? It helps that I love the design, it just breaks up the outfit in a classy, stylish way, which is interesting because no one ever uses those words to describe me…

Who wears short shorts? Well, I was going to say me, but truth be told, I’m on the fence. I LOVE the colour and the super soft fabric, but truth be told I’m still finding my confidence with shorter shorts. It might be that I have to build up to running longer distances in these. My only niggle would be that the pocket isn’t large enough for my phone, that might have been a game-changer but not the end of the world.

Okay, onto the topic of bra’s – Did you know what your Sports Bra shouldn’t celebrate its first birthday? Alongside this fact, even if you’re small chested, please don’t disregard the importance of high impact support. As a bigger busted woman, I love the Dare Racerback Running Bra, I think the material is really soft and comfortable, plus the fit is great.

Hows the sizing?

When buying clothing online, sizing can be a tricky element because every brand will size slightly differently. I’m 5’6 and a UK10 on top with a larger bust and I always find that a size “Small” is perfect for me. However, on my lower half, I’m a curvy UK12 and I have leggings in size “Small” & “Medium” but in the Chaser 5″ Shorts a size “Medium” was most definitely best.


There’s a sale on right now, let me know if you decide to treat yourself?

Katie x

Brooks Running Review
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