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Brooks Hyperion Tempo Review

DisclaimerI was kindly gifted these trainers as I’m part of the “Brooks Run Happy Team” – However, I have been Brooks loyalist for the past 5 years and we are encouraged to give an entirely honest view.

First Impressions…

When I first slipped my feet into these trainers I was a tiny bit sceptical, sure they offered the same comfortable, cushioned feel I’ve become accustomed to as the Brooks standard. But, they felt light as a feather and truth be told, I was unsure if a speed shoe would be wasted on me right now. That might sound like a strange statement to make, but I think that many of us consider speed shoes as something for the Elite, or the top 10. Which only made it more interesting as to how myself as a 10-minute miler would get on…

“Brooks Hyperion Tempo. DNA FLASH midsole technology offers a lightweight feel, excellent energy return, and comfortable cushioning…”

Pushing The Tempo…

The first time I ran in these trainers, it was during a comfortable and social 5km around London, at no point did I push my pace or do anything out of the ordinary. The second time I wore these shoes, I decided to start testing them, my first point of call was to take the Hyperions for a spin on the treadmill.

My focus was simple, spilt my run into 0.5 mile splits and push the tempo as hard as possible for 30minutes. Unsurprisingly, the support from the treadmill and the ambitious drive in my mind led me to average out at an 8.38mm pace. I was thrilled and due to the technology within the shoes, I had no blisters, alongside complete comfort and support throughout my run.

For my next test, it was time to take them out on the road, after a few weeks of running at a slower pace (this was around the time quarantine had started in the UK). I was ready to push myself, the Hyperion Tempo’s caught my eye and I decided whilst it might be mind over matter, I was going to wear these beautiful shoes and attempt to run hard (for me).

It’s worth me mentioning, that I purposefully spent 10 minutes warming up before my run, with some HIIT and fast walking. I then proceeded to complete 5km at a 9mm mile pace, again I was elated because during the past few weeks my pace had crept back up to 10.30mm.

How did they make me feel?

Whilst running on the road, I really focused on how the shoes made me feel, in terms of elevation and support, plus that hidden level of confidence from the lightweight technology. I decided, that I wouldn’t want to wear these every day, in my book they aren’t the casual Sunday 10km stroll shoes, these are the “I mean business and I’m unstoppable” shoe.

However, I felt it was my duty to try these on a less than perfect day. I was tired, unmotivated and in the mood for a steady, relaxing run, but would these trainers change my mind-set? I started my run at a 9.15mm pace, which felt a touch ambitious right now, but nevertheless I continued and settled into a smooth groove, winding up at 5 miles at 9.50mm pace. Not in any way shape or form a PB, but still a vast improvement on previous runs of that distance during the past 12 months.

So, after covering the miles in the Hyperion Tempo I’m still very much of the opinion that for me, personally, these are a treat for the days when I want to push harder. In terms of a fair review, I’ve read other runners achieving significant personal bests whilst wearing these shoes. If you’d like to see more varied opinions, I’d suggest looking at the #Brooksrunhappy hashtag over on Instagram.

The shoe and my running statistics

I wear normal shoe size – 5 but size 5.5 in these Hyperion’s

I’m a very long way from my 5km PB of 24.58 and 10km PB of 52.57. But I hope this serves as an overview for the steadier runner, who is looking for a lighter, faster shoe.

I’m neutral trainer wearer (and a forefront runner) and it’s important that I mention the fact the Hyperion’s are a Neutral support shoe – It’s worth talking to a Brooks expert about how suitable these are for different running gaits.

The Midsole Drop is 8mm – The weight is 189.9 or 6.7oz – The Arch is Flat, Medium, High – The use is mainly for speed/competition.

For more information…

Katie x

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