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Bridesmaid Dresses – That Can Be Worn Again

It’s rather apt that I’m posting this on the day of the Royal Wedding, but if you know, you know.

So, here’s the deal, I’m getting married in a few weeks (pinch me!) and I’ve noticed that this is the time of year when the birds sing, the sun comes out and folk get engaged. Isn’t love sweet? 

Today was my first day of ‘Bridal Preparation‘ – I had my hair cut and dyed, had a set of gel nails two weeks in advance so they can grow for my final manicure.  I’m now sporting 4 earrings in one ear, for the first time in 15 years. The ear piercing element was somewhat unintentional. I’ve become completely besotted with this seasons boho style, and in a moment of curiosity, I found that my ears were still pierced all these years later. Oh, the glory. 

Moving on, I have previously addressed the fact I’m not having formal Bridesmaids on the day, I have however brought the ladies whom I hold dearly in my heart, swoon-worthy thank you gifts I can’t wait to share the contents with them and of course, you! In the meantime, I was thinking about how very modern it would be to share a selection of dresses that you could buy for your bridesmaids and they could wear again.

What could be better than buying a classic? 

I’ve paid for my own bridesmaid dress before, and as beautiful as it was, I never wore it again and it sits at the back of my wardrobe awaiting a new home. Therefore, if you’re planning your wedding and intend on asking your super squad of ladies to buy a dress, take a look at these:

Image Credit – ASOS

Mint Green – Off The Should Dress – Via ASOS

Image Credit – ASOS

Ted Baker Violet Embroidered Midi Dress – Via ASOS

Image Credit – Boohoo

Boutique Danni Waterfall Ruffle Maxi Dress – Via BooHoo

Image Credit – Boohoo

Gi Chiffon Strappy Open Shoulder Maxi Dress – Via Boohoo

Image Credit – Quiz

Pale Pink Strappy Dip Hem Midi Dress – Via Quiz

What did you think of The Royal Wedding? Would you wear any of these dresses?



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