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Breakfast Protein Muffins : With My Protein

I adore breakfast, for me, it’s absolutely the most important meals of the day and actually one of the meals I often spend the most time preparing.

Muffin’s aren’t always known for being ‘healthy‘, they are known for ‘filling a gap’ or a ‘treat‘ but these muffins change all that.  Whilst I know these won’t top the dangerously addictive Nutella filled, triple chocolate muffin I’d eat in the sun whilst on ski trips (as the only place I can find these is Chamonix – thank goodness) but in contrast, they are a filling, protein-packed, portable and balanced start to the day.

Using a baking mix was unusual territory for me, but when I realized how few additional ingredients these needed and just how time-effective they are to make my opinion changed quickly. There are so many way’s you can tweak this muffin mix, I added spices, grated carrot, dried fruit and oat’s to create a more fulfilling breakfast muffin.

The mix did suggest this would make 4 muffin’s but I found that I could bake 6 (smaller than shop brought) muffin’s with ease and even with the additional extra’s the macro’s are extremely waistline-friendly, I ate mine with nut butter and a smoothie on the side because I’m just that kinda girl.

The My Protein muffin mix is only £12.99 for 1kg so when you consider you can whip up 10 batches of 6 muffin’s out of that mix, it suddenly becomes really good for your wallet and your waistline.


1 Medium Carrot Grated

100g My Protein Muffin Mix

100ml Nut Milk

35g Sultana’s

Mixed Spices to your preferred taste (I used mixed spice, cinnamon&ginger)

30g large oats

20g Mixed seeds

2 Tablespoons coconut oil


I honestly have never come across a muffin recipe as easy as this, all you need to do is:

Pre: heat your oven to 180/190 degrees and put aside large medium muffin cases

Place all the dry ingredients in a mixing bowl, then add the coconut oil and milk and mix until everything is thoroughly combined.

Spoon the mix into your muffin cases and bake for 15-20 minutes depending on your oven and voilà, 6 gorgeous, balanced protein muffins.


This evening’s plan is to make another batch but with chopped apple and dates – I’m already excited, oh and the prospect of adding chocolate to them send’s me into overdrive! Tell me what would your ideal muffin include? Have you ever made protein muffins before?




My Protein very kindly allowed me to choose some products from the new ‘Women’s Fitness Range’ and you will be seeing some more recipes using the products I have chosen from the range. As with all my reviews/recommendations this is a product I would (and will!) buy myself, all opinions are my own.

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