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Breakfast Crumble For 2

When it comes to writing a recipe, I often find myself wondering “How do I get the perfect amount of pre-amble?”. Some folk, like Joy The Baker for example just excel in rounding up the perfect little story before wowing with something delicious. Then there’s Brenda, who writes 1,000 words about her next-door neighbor, littered with adverts before eventually letting me near the goodies.

Ah, I suppose that I’ll just have to leave this in the “Things to ponder on” list, which is getting wilder by the minute and talk to you about breakfast.

If I have a smoothie for breakfast, by 10am I’m chasing the sandwich van around the car park. Not unlike he’s Willy Wonker with a spare golden ticket to give to the most enthusiastic person he meets that day. It’s not my finest look, but we’re friends so I’m going to tell you this and hope that you understand why a fulfilling breakfast is so important to me.

I mean, basically its a oatmeal crumble, it’s also a delicious dessert and we’re eating it for breakfast and that’s perfectly okay with me.

Breakfast Crumble For 2

200g Mixed Berries (I use frozen ones as these are so much cheaper, don’t forget to defrost them first)

1 Large Apple (peeled and chopped)

30g Liquid sweetener (I used agave)

20g Butter (can sub coconut oil for a vegan crumble)

25g Plain Flour

70g Oats

25g Granola

Pecans (optional)


Preheat the oven to 180degrees and place the berries and apple (peeled and chopped) into a small heatproof baking dish.  

Then in a separate bowl, mix the flour and oats together and add in melted butter and liquid sweetener and mix until a crumble forms. Top the fruit with the crumble mix, then scatter granola and pecans before baking for 18minutes.

Allow to cool and serve with yogurt, custard or icecream – Your call!


The mix can easily be doubled if required.

I used a Le Creuset dish with the dimensions: 18 x 12.3 x 4 cm – You can find similar dishes in Poundland.




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