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Breakfast At The Ivy

Every so often, I find myself dining at a location that makes me think “you know what? I’m going to share this with others“. This very thought crossed my mind whilst enjoying a casual Saturday Breakfast at The Ivy, Tower Bridge, London.

Being a child of the 80’s and 90’s I grew up with The Ivy, West Street which was seen as “The Celebrity Venue“. Where if you were lucky, you’d bump into someone like Madonna. There was only one location, alongside this, there was a 3/4 month waiting list and what felt like an impossibility to ever be able to dine there.

Fast forward several years and there’s 18 location’s in England alone, how times change? But, with change can welcome good things, because now there’s more opportunity than ever before to enjoy fine dining, in a stylish location, for a very reasonable price. After all, if you’re going to travel to the city, it’s worth making a real day of it and The Ivy is a wonderful place to start.

So, this should be the moment that I tell you that I ordered most of the menu, however, I for once practiced resistance. I settled with a Folded ham and cheese omelette – Loaded with Honey baked ham, Wookey Hole Cheddar with rocket and grilled tomato with a generous side of toast. Christelle ordered Avocado and spinach Benedict – Which was Avocado, raw baby spinach, two poached hen’s eggs on toasted English muffins, hollandaise sauce and sesame.

If I was to return, I’d almost certainly add the Hot buttermilk pancakes and maybe even crumpets too! But, regardless the food was scrumptious, I just wish I’d had room to fit in a couple of The Ivy’s dark chocolate truffles after. Yes, chocolate for breakfast if a “thing” regardless of what you might think.

If breakfast out doesn’t work for your time frame, there are extensive menus including brunch, dinner and afternoon tea for only £21.50. Or you can even just drop in, enjoy a drink and grab a couple of snaps for “The Gram”I’m not judging!

Have you visited anywhere fabulous for breakfast lately? Feel free to share any recommendations you might have with me!



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