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Body Shaming : Fitness Comparisons

Friday night saw me pouring my heart out on Youtube about a subject that I feel very strongly about, the subject is ‘Body Shaming‘.

It was brought to my attention during the week that Diana Andrews (a bodybuilder with over 17k Instagram followers) had publicly body shamed a fellow gym user. This was a lady she didn’t know, who was innocently walking on the treadmill whilst on her phone, she wasn’t particularly large (would it matter if she was?) and she had every.single.right to be at the gym.

I suppose this is modern day bullying? I suppose that some people may have found it funny? But I assure you that the ratio of people who found it offensive, a kick in the teeth and a huge confidence knock, was significantly higher.

The idea of people not feeling confident to join a gym or a local running group or even a yoga class, because of crippling fear they’ll be judged fills me with nothing but sadness. It’s not just the younger generation either, some feelings don’t ease off with age.

Social media gives us an opportunity to be and share what’s good in this world, let me tell you this, there IS so much good in this world. The high from exercising and moving your body is one of them, whatever your reason, age, sex, size or race.

I’ve gone into much more detail in my vlog…

Have you ever been body shamed? What are your feelings about this ?



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