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Blue Monday

Ah, Monday – The day I feel sorry for because it appears to have been hindered with the curse of being the most unpopular day of the week.

Did you know that Monday 20th January 2020 is considered “Blue Monday” due to the fact that it’s often when the post-New Year/Christmas blues have really kicked in? Dam, wouldn’t it be nice if we were to have a national holiday? A mini-break to say “Hey, thanks for surviving the first few weeks of January, here’s a little treat”.

But, that’s not going to happen, so let’s move on, shall we?

You can absolutely nail Monday and start your week the right way, I for one always enjoy Monday as it’s a blank canvas to set great intentions. Sure, I’m lucky that Monday Is the day when I get to work on projects I really love, I am actually that person who bounces out of bed. Please, don’t hate me. But, this leads me to the fact you should spend a little time establishing what the problem is if you hate Monday. Is it your job? Is it the fact you’ve gone absolutely wild over the weekend and reality is kicking in? The fact pigs can’t fly and the sky definitely is still blue?

There are so many things you can change. Start by focusing on what you hate about your job on Monday; it might be that it can be done on a Friday instead? Or Tuesday? How about dressing for success?  I feel so motivated if I look good, even if I’m working from home, I always make sure I get dressed. On the other hand, you could bring some cheer to others, which in turn should always make you feel better – It can be as simple as saying a genuine compliment, bringing in cakes or just trying to be helpful.

Why not plan a glorious evening? A delicious home-cooked meal, followed by some Comedy on YouTube? Because laughter is so important. Or dedicate 30 minutes to some meaningful Yoga practice? Or thrashing your stresses out on the running machine, an after-work tipple with friends? You’re an adult, you can do what you like – Fun eh?

Finally, you should focus on the good, there’s always something great going on, even If you have to look a little harder on a Monday.

Katie x

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