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Blue Cheese, Bacon, Balsamic and Peach Salad (With a veggie option)

During the last few months it would appear that G and I have eaten out weekly, partly as a social thing as we’ve had his birthday and other events but also as a way of discovering new places. I am a huge fan of the bistro pub, I like a warm cosy atmosphere and most of all I like unfussy but lovingly prepared food.

One aspect of eating out I enjoy is pursuing the menu for something a little different or a twist on a modern classic, sometimes just a tiny tweak can make a huge difference to a simple dish. Today after a morning of shopping my friend and I refuelled in a local cafe, resting our feet whist enjoying indulgent hot drinks and I dived into door stopper sized slices of hot buttered toast and scrambled egg – See simple really can be wonderful

Because simple dishes are often my favourite, after enjoying this salad at a local pub I had to recreate this salad myself. Admittedly I’ve made a couple of tweaks but who said salad couldn’t leave a lasting impression?

This salad is the perfect mix of sweetness from the peaches and balsamic glaze and the bacon and blue cheese add a salty and savoury twist, for vegetations I recommend switching bacon for walnuts as they are magical with blue cheese and provide a natural protein source. Whilst you may wish to skip the addition of beetroot (I love it as a natural source of energy) I would recommen this salad with a mix of darker leaves and rocket for the peppery flavour.

 Blue Cheese, Bacon, Balsamic & Peach Salad

Serves 2

5 Rashes Bacon (Or a small handful of walnuts)

1 Large Peach

40g Blue Cheese


Mixed Salad Leaves

Balsamic Glaze

*Optional – Green beans

*The above are only estimates, you may want to increase/decrease amounts accordingly to your preferred serving size.

Well I hardly need to type a method for this salad but it wouldn’t be a recipe without one…

Place the mixed leafs in a bowl and top with peaches, beetroot, cooked bacon, then scatter across the blue cheese and drizzle with balsamic glaze and enjoy!

Are you a salad fan? Do you enjoy eating out or do you find keeping to a healthy lifestyle can be hard when your eating restaurant food?



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