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Blackberry Breakfast Bake


When I post this on Instagram so many of you ask for the recipe, I can only apologise that it’s taken me such a long time to write this up, but we are here now friends!

I love this breakfast bake because:

*It’s easy to make in batch servings.

*It’s genuinely fulfilling and keeps me going until lunchtime. 

*It’s freezable, meaning you can make now and eat later. 

Here’s my step by step guide…


You will need (for one serving)

*2 Tablespoons of egg whites

*30g Protein Powder (I used vanilla)

*35g  Dessicated Coconut

*20g Ground linseed

*15g Chia Seeds

*Blackberries 100g

*Almond Milk (or milk of choice) – Start with 15oml and then add more as needed.


Weigh out everything and mix together in a large mixing bowl, I’m making a double batch in this picture which is why it’s a generous serving.

Start steady with milk and add more if required.


Spoon into loaf tin’s, I find that these silicone ones work best and they are easy to clean and don’t require lining with greaseproof paper.


Bake for 20-25 minutes at 200 degrees, allow to cool and serve or save for later.

Top Tips:

*I use vegan protein powder which responds’s very differently when baked in comparison to whey protein, it’s more voluminous and less dry. If you have a ‘dessert’ style protein powder or soy protein, this would work better.

*If you want to skip the protein powder, no bother you can just add in some oats or it might even be worth trying mashed banana. However, I don’t like banana so I cannot vouch for the outcome.

*Ground linseed can be found in most supermarkets, I tend to buy mine with fruit in and it’s very cheap in Aldi or Lidl. If you have flaxseed in your cupboard, don’t rush out to buy linseed because flax will work just fine.

*Here’s where I bought my silicone loaf tins, however, they sometimes appear in pound shops and similar.

What are you enjoying eating for breakfast right now?



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