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Beetroot Burgers

Every once in a while I get completely addicted to a certain food type, my latest and greatest love is beetroot.

There are so many reasons to include beetroot in your meals, it’s filling, low calorie, perfect for sweetening smoothies or making fudgey brownies and even better roasted and eaten as part of a rainbow bowl salad.

Wait…I’m only at the beginning of my beetroot sales pitch, I don’t want to peak too soon but..

Beetroot is not only a source of iron which is important for energy level’s it has been scientifically proven to sightly increase athletic ability, making beetroot the perfect pre: workout superfood. 

These beetroot burgers make a wonderful meat alternative, they freeze well and are perfect in a bun piled high with toppings (naked if you are watching your carb intake) or in a salad. I served mine in a bun, with cheese and salad and a side of sweet potato wedges and ate whilst feeling smug that I had found yet another way to indulge my beetroot addiction.


  1. 350 g Beetroot (Finely Grated)

  2. 120 g Oats

  3. 3 Eggs (Beaten) 

  4. 1 Large Carrot (Finely Grated)

  5. 100g Salt & Pepper Seeds (Optional)

  6. 1 Small red onion (Cut very finely)

  7. Salt & Pepper (To taste)

  8. Paprika (To taste)

  9. 1 Tablespoon mixed herbs

  10. 1 Tablespoon vegetable oil


Beat the eggs and add the herbs and paprika then set aside, grate the beetroot, onion and carrot and mix together with your hands to ensure it’s even.

Now add the beetroot. onion and carrot to the eggs, mix in the oat’s, vegetable oil and seeds ensuring everything is thoroughly mixed, add salt and pepper.

Pop the mix into the fridge for 10 minutes, whilst the mix is chilling line a baking tray with grease proof paper and using a desert spoon making 8 burger patties.

Place these in a frying pan and fry for 2 minutes on each side before placing on the baking tray to oven bake, once all the burgers are lightly fried bake at 180 degree’s for 20 minutes (check at 15 minutes depending on your oven).

You can freeze these burgers (once cooled) to eat at a later date but I’d recommend diving in right away.


Have you ever tried beetroot burgers before? Are you a beetroot fan?



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