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Baked Oatmeal (With Optimum Nutrition)

If I could eat one type of food all day long, it would be breakfast food, I suppose you could say I’m a breakfast addict.

I treat sleep like a time machine to breakfast, I love building stacks of pancakes, warming my hands on a bowl of porridge and  sitting down to eat thick slices of toast with salted butter and eggs.  One of my most popular breakfasts on Instagram is ‘baked oats’, I think that’s because it’s a great way to enjoy oats in a more portable way or just for a change.

One addition I nearly always add to my oats is protein powder, whilst the biggest mistake I could make here is forcing the idea on you, it works really well for me. As my training is increasing again, ensuring that I reach my goals in terms of enough protein, fat and carbohydrate each day is important. I feel that the addition of protein powder makes my breakfast more sustaining, however, each person’s protein requirements are completely unique.

I started using ‘Optimum Nutrition products last year and have been extremely impressed with the flavours and mix-ability of the whey protein. In addition to the whey, the ‘pre:workout is the best we’ve tasted. Whilst admittedly I don’t use it that often my partner has been using it regularly and there’s no jitters or strange aftertaste.

Optimum Nutrition very kindly sent me some of the ‘Opti-Lean’ bars and protein to try, whilst I don’t advocate ‘meal replacements‘ these are ideal for a snack after a workout or on the go.  My favourite way to enjoy chocolate protein powder is blended with ice, almond milk, avocado and a spoonful of almond butter, it tastes absolutely incredible. Actually, now I think about that, it’s a perfect breakfast for when you’re in a hurry, there you go, two recipes in one post!

Baked Oats Recipe


To serve 2

  1. 100g Oats

  2. 40g Protein Powder

  3. One Teaspoon of sweetener *optional

  4. One whole egg *beaten

  5. 200ml Milk

  6. Dried fruit, nuts or seeds *optional  


Pre: heat oven to 200degrees.

Set aside a heatproof dish or I find that silicone loaf moulds work really well, it means that the oats come out more uniform and the moulds are easy to clean.

In a large bowl, add all the ingredients and mix so they are thoroughly combined.

Pour the mix into your tray and bake for 20minutes or when the top is lightly golden, allow to cool and serve.

This is a completely freezer friendly recipe and will keep for a couple of days sealed in the fridge.


Have you ever tried baked oats before? Whats your favourite flavour of protein powder?



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