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Apex Hotel Bath – Review

With thanks to Apex Hotels, I was invited away for an overnight stay to learn how to ‘Rejuvenate, Focus and Relax’.  I stayed at the Apex Hotel located in central Bath, which is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in England. After arriving in my room which was both stylish and spacious, I found myself sinking into the marshmallow-soft pillows of my humongous bed and contemplated my options:

*Do I refuel with the impressive selection of snacks? 

*Do I head to the gym/spa?

Image Credit -This was taken by Tash from Dance, Flow, Lift

*Do I unwind with a huge bubble bath and indulge myself by using all the complimentary Elemis toiletries? 

Now, I’m the kind of person who wants to take every single option, I don’t want to miss a thing and thankfully I managed to experience all 3 during my stay and I made time to explore Bath city, enjoy some live music AND pancakes with bacon.

But after all, I was visiting to  Rejuvenate, Focus & Relax and as part of this, myself and 3 other bloggers attended an event to learn about how to create and maintain a more healthy balance within our everyday lives

The antidote to exhaustion isn’t to rest. It’s wholeheartedness’ – David Whyte

I need to clarify, when I say ‘Healthy‘ I don’t mean #Healthy (Hello world, I ate a vegetable today) I’m talking about mindfulness, snacking smartly, taking a break, going to sleep and not scrolling social media for hours.

Somewhere along the way we’ve all gotten lost and fallen into a world where taking a break is frowned upon, breakfast is coffee whilst rushing out of the door and our ambition far exceeds our concerns about health. There’s an ever-increasing pressure to work through lunch, grab a snack on the go, then work until 10 pm at night and it’s almost as if some of us are wearing our tiredness with pride.

I believe in 80/20 & this fits my ’20’ perfectly…

“Time is non-refundable, use it with intention”

Time poor, as a society we’ve become accustomed to a world where we simply cannot disconnect and despite the fact us bloggers all have very different lifestyles, we were all joined by the effects poor mental health is having on us. It won’t come as a surprise that we were all following a similar behavior pattern; obsessive social scrolling, getting caught in the comparison game and being in a committed relationship with caffeine.

So, with this in mind, what small changes can we make? Well, thankfully Apex Hotels have teamed up with Celynn Morin to help us make the best of every day.

I’ll start with the topic of sleep; it won’t come as a surprise that all of us where guilty of laying in bed and scrolling through our phones – Are you the same? I find myself heading to bed with the intention of an early night to wake up refreshed, only to waste an hour scrolling. There’s often nothing that can’t wait, we were advised to purchase an alarm clock and put our phones away when we go to bed, a habit I NEED to action.

‘Switching off all digital devices for one hour before going to bed will allow your brain to produce enough melatonin (the natural chemical that makes you feel sleepy) and will reduce brain activity and stimulation’ – How to rejuvenate, focus and relax – By Celynn & Apex Hotels

Apex Hotels

Image Credit – Apex Hotels

During our talk with Celynn we discussed topics such as treating our health as a priority and having a ‘F-A-B’ based life. ‘What does this mean?’ Might you ask?

Fuel – Activate – Behave aka F-A-B – With the intention of becoming, energised, balanced and well…

I’ll start with Fuel, I won’t deny that my eating habits vary and I understand that this has a negative effect on my overall well being, sugar highs and crashes are a too frequent occurrence in my everyday life. Celynn suggests that we fill our plate with colour, make time to sensible snacking and follow an 80/20 approach to nutrition.

I asked Celynn about what she would suggest as a sensible snack – She advised reaching for a serving of mixed nuts and dried fruit alternatively, protein such as salmon or an apple and nut butter, or Geo Bars for on the go.

Strategic refuelling counts

Activate is to encourage us to get up and move more frequently, consider a standing desk and a daily stretching routine, alongside regular exercise.

It was suggested that we look into trying ‘The Five Tibetan Rites’ as part of our daily routine.

Behave focuses on setting a more positive behaviour pattern, it could be as simple as writing a daily gratitude journal, little acts of kindness or just writing down things you like about yourself. 

Habits today become our biology tomorrow

Apex Hotels have recognised the need to for change and now they are including booklets which include advice on how to ‘Rejuvenate, Focus and Relax’ in all hotel rooms.  Breakfast included a balanced variety of healthy and nutritious food, plus the gym facility meant I could keep up with my current fitness routine.

They are currently hosting a series of podcasts with Celynn, which are really useful if you’re looking for more advice on the above topics – Just search ‘Rejuvenate, Focus & Relax’ on the iTunes store.

You can learn more about Apex Hotels #WarmerWelcome  – Here

If you’re heading to Bath, I covered some of the places I visited during my first ever trip – I’ve since visited again and firmly recommend visiting the Roman Baths (Or The Pump Rooms as they are also known) You can read more – Here 

If you’d like to learn more about ‘F-A-B‘ and the topics discussed in this blog, you can find more information -Here

I’d love to know you’re thoughts on this, are you able to switch off with ease? Do you snack smart?



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