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An Ode To The Swimsuit

When I was younger, all I ever wanted was a bikini. I’d seen the classic Levi’s advert and decided that it was my destiny to have a small, sparkling bikini.

Then, the time came that I could pick my own swimwear, I would dash to the bikini section, trying to pick something which was the right side of outrageous. But, demure enough that I could wear it out in public without fear of humiliation. Little did I know that 15 years later, I’d be strolling around in very public places, wearing a swimsuit back to front.

Similar swimsuit here

I wanted to look awesome at the pool, somehow I landed up with “Fun and sexy” – Okay, I lied. I landed up with “Does not understand how to dress proceed with caution”.

In my defense, it was the first swimsuit I’d owned in a long time and I genuinely considered the front zip to be a funky design feature. Regardless, I’m happy to report that I soon discovered the fine art of putting on a swimsuit. the correct way around and the love affair began.

Swimsuit – Here

With a swimsuit, you’re showing off a little, but at the same time enjoying a touch of mystery...

There are so many options, from playful open backs to practical yet stylish designs or sporty and chic. Swimsuits (like bikinis) are for EVERYONE, but the difference is that a good swimsuit will highlight my curves. Make me feel sexy, practical, swim-ready and not at all worried about the possibility of losing my bottoms on the pool slide. Not that I tend to do down pool slides, last time this happened I edged myself down the slide, whilst listening to my little nephew say “Uncle Graeme, I think Katie has got stuck“. But, if I DID go down the slide, it would be fine.

Swimsuit – Here

Life isn’t perfect, but your swimsuit can be.

Well, I suppose that happiness is all about making your own waves. I now have days where I just let all my troubles wash away in the water & as a result, I’ve got a swimsuit for every mood!



Disclaimer – I have been kindly gifted these swimsuits via Simply Swim over the years.

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