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Alternative Breakfast Recipes

Breakfast is without a doubt my favorite meal of the day, basically, I love to sleep as it’s a time machine to breakfast. Also, after a few days of sleeping badly, 9 glorious hours of rest is making me feel like a much better person. I know some people function well on limited sleep but I become irritable, head towards calorie laden sugary snacks and become a slave to rich, dark, sweet coffee.

Whilst I was enjoying a much-needed lay in this morning, I felt the familiar thump of our cat jump on the bed. I wiggled around to make some space, of course rather than wake my partner she decided the ideal location to snuggle was my chest. For all of about five minutes,  which is when the boredom kicked in and she started tapping my face. I presume was a hint for me to get up and make breakfast for her

I recently read that you can feed cats oatmeal and fruit, I’m not confident that I want to take that risk, or that Lily would be even marginally interested in such food.

Right, back to recipes, I was on a mission to shake everything up and try some new recipes, I searched our cupboards for some inspiration and slightly different grains. Due to the fact I normally workout first thing, a high carb breakfast works best for me. I’m not one of those people who can drink a green smoothie and feel gloriously glowing and energized for hours. That makes me sound bitter and grumpy, but let it be known a high amount of carbs hold this body together.

Some of you might wonder why I’m not mentioning bread based recipes? Despite the fact it’s my long term love (all bread, white, brown, seeded, crusty…I’m not picky) it doesn’t really satisfy me first thing. Unless I eat 3/4 servings, I’m never going to apologize for the size of my appetite, my jeans are tight but all day I just dream of food glorious food….

I love new breakfast idea’s, feel free to share your current favorites? Should I be eating more toast but what should I top it with?



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