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Almond Butter and Jam Millet ‘porridge’

Now we are heading into the winter months I felt that a revamp was the natural progression for my breakfasts; I want to climb back into bed with the headlines to read and something warm and filling to eat.

Oatmeal does not suit everyone; especially those who are sensitive to gluten and when I received a beautiful sample of Millet from Dove Farm I knew exactly what I would make…

Millet takes a little longer to cook than standard porridge and does not keep as well, so I firmly recommend this as a weekend breakfast or something to make when you have a little more time in the morning.

However don’t be put off; I left this simmering whilst I was applying my make up for the day (please don’t leave anything completely unattended on the hob – I don’t want to be responsible for fires!) and to reward myself for the extra effort I served mine with almond butter and low sugar jam.

Millet is not only gluten free but also a natural source of iron, protein and fibre which are all great factors in choosing a winning grain to start your body for the day ahead. Once millet has been cooked with creamy nut milk and complimented with your sweetener, spice or nut butter of choice it becomes porridge-like in its consistency and significantly more substantial than the initial serving appears.

Almond Butter & Jam – Millet Oatmeal 


45g Millet

200 ml Nut Milk

1 Teaspoon Almond Butter

Half a teaspoon low sugar jam


Place the millet and the milk on a low/medium heat (this depends on your hob) and allow to simmer with regular stirring for 20 minutes, when all the milk has been soaked up and the grain has expanded into a creamy mix add more milk if required.

Remove from the hob and stir in your toppings, then serve and enjoy alongside a hot drink and something great to read.

Have you ever tried Millet before? Do you find that oat’s can get a little bit repetitive sometimes? Any other grains worth trying for breakfast?



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