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Afternoon Tea At Rushton Hall

Last year I set myself an exceedingly tricky challenge, which saw me enjoying an ‘Afternoon Tea a week’ for 3weeks, as you can imagine, it was hard to achieve but somehow I managed to succeed. You know what they say about success? ‘To guarantee success, act as if it’s impossible to fail‘.

On my journey to eat myself to success, I booked a table at Rushton Hall, Northamptonshire. We were seated in a dining/living room which boasted the original 16th-Century features of the building and provided a smaller, more intimate dining experience. Once we were seated, tea and coffee was served in dainty china cups whilst we awaited the arrival of our afternoon tea, Rushton Hall allows 90 mins for you to enjoy the meal, thankfully as the service was efficient this was more than enough time for us.

On to the food, I’ve told you before, I’m serious about cake, scones and dainty sandwiches. We were presented with 3 layers of delicious treats, including warm buttery scones, with an array of seriously tasty and creative cakes and a generous side of sandwiches. Feeling gluttonous, I ate almost everything, from excellent sandwiches to rich chocolate orange cake and not only plain but also the fruit scones. Whilst the coffee cake was pretty average, the other cakes and scones with generous servings of cream and jam, more than made up for it.

It’s worth noting that Rushton Hall requests that guests follow a slightly more formal ‘smart/casual’ dress code when attending for Afternoon Tea, strictly no sportswear, trainers or t-shirts. If you fancy making more of an event of visiting, there is a spa too!

The loaded question is, would I return? Yes, as a matter of fact I’m booked to indulge for a second time in April.

Have you ever visited Rushton Hall before?



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