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Afternoon Tea At Beckworth Emporium

Vicki and I met when we where 12.

We where kind of awkward, both overweight, shy and not really the cool kids but never mind, she would be totally comfortable with me telling you that especially as she’s such a babe these day’s..

See she’s getting married REALLY soon, I’m so excited about this wedding, the food menu looks amazing, the venue is stunning and the bride is going to look out of this world. Oh and they are completely the most in love couple ever, honestly it’s like they where created for each other.

Plus I am bridesmaid – How exciting?

When we where younger we spent a awful lot of time getting drunk, dancing in a uncomfortable fashion to rock music, spending obscene amounts on ASOS and driving pretty nice car’s.

Now day’s we talk cake, homes and the future and we’ve not gotten drunk together in years. Therefore her ‘Hen Doo’ had to be a small classy affair.

We trundled off to Beckworth Emporium for a spot of afternoon tea and shopping in the food market, oh my we are two rock and roll ladies!

Do not underestimate the popularity of Beckworth – They won’t take bookings and there was a queue the whole afternoon! The service was speedy, the display of cakes looked amazing I shall definitely drive back one Saturday afternoon and queue for a slice of those delights.

Anyway I’m day dreaming again and not telling you about the afternoon tea; it is served from 2pm until 5pm and serves two people as standard for a very reasonable £19.95.

It came on a slate platter with a good selection of sandwiches, a mountain of crisps and a variety of cakes. The only niggle I had is rather than a lemon moose (why?) etc I would have preferred a larger scone as they where utterly delish and that’s what my mind truly connects to ‘Afternoon Tea’.

Whilst wondering around the shop filling our trolley with goodies from the deli, fresh bread and sherbet and I spotted a life size stone cat in dusky pink. Anyone that knows me will relate to my animal madness. Said cat cemented that G and I really do have a lovely little connection because I said to Vicki (whilst carefully leaning said cat against a leather handbag in the car) ‘G will shake his head and just laugh when he see’s this, It’s so me’…and that’s what exactly what he did!

For further information on the restaurant and shop at Beckworth see *Here*



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