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A day in the life…

I’ve made it.

I finally have a calendar, with actual events scheduled in! Gone are the days of wallowing around in bed, wondering what to eat next or if I really need to do the housework. During my 9-5 working day, not a whole lot of excitement really happens, so I thought I’d share a Sunday.

Admittedly my day isn’t riveting or unique, but you know, that’s life! We can’t all be living on the edge…

6.30am Wake up

I started my day with black coffee and slow cardio, just a 15-minute walk on the treadmill whilst catching up on social media. I then potter into the garage and spend 30 minutes working on upper body weights, fuelled by more coffee and all the brownies I ate on Saturday.

8.30am Dressed and trying to shoot pictures


I needed to get some clothing pictures for a blog post, I didn’t want to wake G, so gathered my selfie stick and a ladder (To balance it on. Yes. Really).

 Stepped outside, discovered it’s basically like the North Pole, without snow or polar bears, skid like Bambi across the decking and start to question the whole idea.

After 30minutes of shooting my foot, forehead, and midriff, I started to consider that maybe, just possibly, it wasn’t my greatest idea.

9.10am Take two…

I then proceed to hover in front G in what can only be considered, a very needy fashion and he agreed to play ‘Instagram Husband’.

10.30am Train Bound..

I’ve made it onto my train to London with enough time to grab a comfy seat and with a fully charged phone, the world is my oyster. After spending more time on social media and relaxing with some music, it was time for me to navigate the whole underground system and work my way across to Holburn for a ‘Curve Building‘ class.

I was early, which is great because I’m fearful of getting lost; due to the fact, I had time to kill I went for a breezy 30-minute power walk.

12.50pm Curve Building..


Still early, I decided to go and get myself a ‘decent place’ in the class and spend some time stretching. Due to the fact I was first, this gave me a chance to have a chat with the instructor, who’s originally from New York. We spoke about how cold us Brit’s can be and how it’s actually cheaper in many cases to own than rent property here in the UK if you can get on the ladder of course.

Soon the class started and an hour of latino music and booty building flew by, I found it pretty tough due to my very achy and stiff legs. But we mixed up training by using a buddy system and then solo training and by using resistance bands, light weights and our own body weight.

Do I recommend this class? Absolutely! The hour just flew by, I loved the music and decided to include a few of the moves in my own lower body circuits after being inspired by the class.

Was it particularly fun with lower body DOMS? No, not at all…

2.50pm Leon me up..


Back at Euston Station and with time to spare, I whizzed to my favourite take away food spot, Leon. I had a hot box of rice, meatballs and coleslaw, which was absolutely delicious and completely satisfying, not very pretty much hopefully you’ll forgive that.

A handy tip for you, if you visit Leon in Euston Station, head for the seating along the back of the restaurant – There’s plugs for charging! Obviously, whilst eating I spent, even more, time on social media, I’m trying to build my following so it’s actually very important.

5pm Home sweet home..

I returned home feeling motivated, so I spent some time working on a new blog post, commented on some blogs and joined in a Twitter chat. Soon it was time for dinner, I made a gammon and potato dinner for G and ate leftover salad and a few other tasty bites I found in the fridge as I was absolutely stuffed from my lunch. Oh, and the fondant fancies and custard creams that I demolished when I’d gotten home. Because I’m not perfect and sometimes my snack choices are like those of a small child, with an extremely sweet tooth.

8.30pm Chill out time…

Shattered from my day, all I could face was lounging in front of the fire with G and Lily. Before heading for a hot bath and reading about the anatomy of weight training for women.

Much to my amusement, the above statement about my choice of reading material implies I may have an understanding of the body. The reality is I’m still struggling to understand more technical and detailed terms for all the muscles  rather than ‘arms’, ‘back’, ‘legs’.

Went to sleep dreaming of having a Brazilian bottom on a diet of fondant fancies and Leon hot boxes.


I don’t know about you, but I can’t help but think that the ‘perfect day’ is different for everyone. There are times I operate at a much faster pace, packing in as much as possible and then there are times I fantasise about a day spent in bed, reading and eating chocolate.

What would your perfect day involve?



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