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A Circuit Workout For All Fitness Levels Feat: Adidas Galaxy 3 Trainers

I was recently contacted by the lovely folk at Deichmann to see if I wanted to review some trainers, as a self-confessed trainer addict, It didn’t make any much persuasion for me to say yes.

Trainers are a hugely personal purchase if you’re running, firstly you need to take into account your running gait, then the terrain you intend to run on and finally they need to be comfortable. On the other hand, you aren’t likely to be lifting weights or attending a class in the same trainers you wear on a run, so variation is ideal, who doesn’t enjoy having a few options?

When I was looking over the huge trainer collection at Deichmann, the sudden realisation that I hadn’t ever worn Adidas trainers dawned on me. Before I knew it, I felt myself being drawn in by the stylish but low-key design and also the fact it’s a lightweight shoe, which is something that works really well for me.

In relation to sizing, I choose my normal size 6 and found that this was more than big enough and I will add that these would be a good choice for people with wider feet. If purple is not your ideal choice of colour, I noticed the same shoe in white and the 3.1 variation comes in bright pink, for me purple was the way to go. I loved the idea of being the woman in the funky bright white trainers, however, I simply cannot avoid puddles, remember, I  run obstacle course races, for fun?!

When I try new trainers I aim to test them in a variety of situations, for example running (because I may want to warm up with a run) and these were comfortable not only on the treadmill but also the pavement. Then I wore them for a few HIIT and weight lifting sessions, again I was pleased that the springy sole gave me that much-needed boost for ‘clean and jerk‘, which is a move I’m still battling with.

Are there any choices for the men? Well yes, there most certainly is! As a matter of fact, the whole trainer selection was excellent with a broad range and very reasonable prices. The Adidas Galaxy 3 are priced at a very wallet friendly £39.99 with the added bonus of free delivery.

Deichmann teamed up with Personal Trainer Charlie King (of ‘The Only Way Is Essex’ fame, although I hardly watch TV so this is slightly lost on me) and I am delighted to share this circuit training workout with you.

Have you ever worn Adidas trainers before? Do you enjoy circuit training?



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