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90’s Nostalgia…

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“This old, man he had a dog and Bingo was his name, Oh B.I.N.G.O was his name, oh…”

Yesterday we took our friend and her 6-month-old baby out to lunch, whilst we were waiting for her to get ready we found ourselves absolutely mesmerized by children’s “sing-a-long” TV. On the drive home I wondered what growing up in this day and age would be like and started to come over all nostalgic about being a child of the 90’s.

So, I grabbed my “Fun Fax”, which was the children’s version of a “Filofax” because back in the 90’s, we actually wrote things down using a pen and paper (quelle horreur!). I noted down my memories of going out to play with my friends when our parents would tell us that dinner was at 5 and the hours would fly by. We would scurry around, muddy knees, wild hair and huge smiles as we built den’s, caught newts and served mud pies.

If I’m honest, some of my greatest 90’s memories are music related, I’m treated with high regard in the office due to my ability to remember the lyrics to 90’s R&B as if it was only yesterday. Which is strange, because my younger years were spent being in constant contradiction about which Spice Girl I wanted to be. I begged my Mother for Adidas Poppers so I could be “Sporty”, sourced Calvin Klein crop tops so I was “Posh” and those infamous platforms (which my Mother banned me from wearing) a la “Ginger”.

The children of today will never have to deal with rewinding music on their Sony Walkman or waiting for Mum to fix the video that the VHS player has chewed up. Can you remember the sheer joy that came from completing a masterpiece on your Etch a sketch? If I found myself in need of a pick me up, I’d grab my colored biros and create some magic with my Spirograph. Before we had Photoshop, there was Microsoft Paint. Whilst I’m on that topic, maybe we can take a moment to recall the joy of making posters with “Word Art it still alarms me just how happy that made me and just how simple things where.

It wouldn’t be right for me not to sway on to the subject of food, tell me, who else got served “BILLY BEAR”? There were no trends for being a vegan or following a plant-based lifestyle, we ate processed meat shaped like a bear. Cereal packets contained small plastic toys, I wouldn’t want to share my Walkers crisps with anyone and penny sweets, were actually a penny. I remember having the most awesome dispenser for Mini Cadbury chocolate bars. If I completed another level on Tomb Raider or Crash Bandicoot I’d celebrate by eating the entire contents of the dispenser. These day’s if I complete my “To Do List” I’ll celebrate with yet another cup of coffee.

But, like all good things, life changes and we have to evolve and change with it. However, I wouldn’t change my childhood, because let’s face it, the 90’s was one hell of a Decade.




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This post contains sponsored content, however, the memories from the 90’s and throwback picture from 1990(!) is entirely my own.

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