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5km Playlist – 2019

There are a few things in life that almost never fail to make me feel better…

  1. Hugs

  2. Sleep

  3. Coffee

  4. Music

  5. Carbs

Today I’m focusing on music; it’s been a while since I’ve shared a playlist so I decided that the time is now for 5km playlist full of tracks to make you want to move.

Being inclusive to everyone is really important to me, so I’ve rounded this up to 41mins and 12 tracks, therefore if you’re a faster runner it’ll keep you entertained for longer. You can thank me later.

5km Playlist

Looking for a 5km playlist that run’s for 42mins? I’ve got just the treat for you.

I’ve recently moved across to Spotify, I’m reluctant to change when it comes to things like music, I’d previously spent days lovingly uploading CD’s to my iTunes account and saying goodbye was tough. Yet, on the other hand, I’m a lover of remixes and different playlists and Spotify is keeping me well entertained.

Continuing my thread about my love of remixes, before you write this off as a playlist including “The same old tracks” give it a try, you might just find a hidden gem. The “Body On My” remix including Pitbull makes me wanna sing “La De Dardie, look at that body”. But apparently, that’s both confusing and terrifying to other gym users, who knew?

Happy running and please feel free to let me know any of your recommendations or link me up to your playlists?



Looking for a 5km playlist that run's for 42mins? I've got just the treat for you.
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