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5 Minutes With…PT Mollie

I’m back with another “5 Minutes With… and I’m absolutely thrilled to introduce Mollie – When I first met Mollie, I instantly felt comfortable in her company. She’s what I’d describe as an infectiously happy person, we chatted as she led a group run around London and I quickly learned that despite her many accomplishments, she remains humble and kind.

Over the past year, we’ve hung out at various events, eaten epic burgers in Northampton and London and squeezed in some time for a few blogger shoots. But, this isn’t a post about my social life, it’s an opportunity to introduce you to Mollie, who is someone that you really should have appearing on your social media timeline. She’s not called “The Happiness Personal Trainer” for no reason!

What many people probably don’t realize is that you live what I’d describe as a very “Full” life, with working full time, teaching spin, fundraising and blogging. So, can you describe a typical day for me?

It is hard to say what a typical day is. Monday through Friday, I get up somewhere between 6-7am. My ‘real’ job is very flexible with start times, so I can workout before work if needed (which I do on Wednesdays at 7am with a colleague at a gym across the street from work). I aim to be in to work between 8-8:30am so I can check emails, plan my day, and check-in with my team as they arrive. Work picks up for us at 9am so I will always arrive then. I finish work between 4-5pm depending on how many meetings I have. It takes 45 minutes to get home which I am very happy with. I use the time to catch up on social media, write blog posts or read a book. Monday evenings and most Thursday evenings, I teach spinning in East London. Tuesdays nights I used to go to track before I took time off for an injury. I hope to start that up again soon as it made such a difference in my speed. The other weekday evenings, I will work on my blog and cook dinner at home. When I had a dog, I would go home every day after work and walk him for 20-30 minutes before going out again to exercise. I miss that time to connect with nature and get more steps in. Hopefully, in the autumn, we will adopt again and I will get back to walkies.

Once a month, I have to work on the weekend from 9am-noon. If not, I will go to parkrun and then plan one day with my husband. The other day we will usually work at home (him on his job and me on the blog). It is busy but if I cut out TV time, I can get it all done.

I know that sport is a big part of your life, could you share with us your top 3 events that left you on a long lasting high?

Prague Marathon was my first marathon and will always hold a special place in my heart. I never thought I would be able to run a half, let alone a full, due to my on-going Achilles tendinopathy issues. It was also my first time to Czech Republic and the sun was shining. The event is in May. After a long cold winter in England, it was a nice change.

Ultra X Jordan (formally Wadi Rum Ultra) was a 250 km desert ultra. It took place over 5 days and was the hardest thing I have ever done (harder than climbing Kilimanjaro). It was incredibly humbling but also empowering. I was the second to last person (the last person didn’t train for the event but was athletic). I was feeling strong before the race and quickly realized I was not as physically ready as I should have been. I can still confidently say that I did it. And will never do it again. ☺

Lilac Festival 5K- I ran a sub 25 5K a few years ago. That year, I was dedicated to track and it showed with this race result. Most of my family ran the race too (which was in my hometown) or were cheering on the sidelines so it was a special event for many reasons.

Happiness is a huge part of your brand and on Twitter, every Sunday at 9pm you run a group chat called “#HappyHour”– Can you tell me what Happy Hour means to you?

I encourage my clients to right down five things they are thankful for every day. In a world of instant gratification and keeping up with the Joneses, we forget how incredibly lucky we are. Usually, Sunday nights are when we start dreading going back to work on Monday. Happy Hour is meant to be a time for us to reflect on all the good things that are happening in our lives. Why not share the fun stories from the weekend, photos of adorable animals, and appreciate the joy in the world? It can also be a time for you to reach out if you need cheering up.

Okay, as you’re my fellow cookie addict, could you tell me your top 3 favorite cookie flavors?

I probably haven’t tasted enough to make this answer interesting. I love Handle the Heat’s Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie. My other favorite would be Peanut Butter Blossom and finally, a butter cut out cookie with buttercream frosting (we make these at Christmas). These are all cookies I grew up with so they bring back happy memories. It doesn’t take much for me to like a cookie though!

Finally, I love asking people who work in sport- Where is your favorite place to buy sportswear?

Lululemon is my gold standard of leggings. I feel they flatter my shape while defining muscles and keeping my tummy in. However, I don’t really shop for sportswear. As a blogger, I am fortunate enough to receive kit for product reviews so don’t need to shop unless I am taking part in something specific, like the desert race. I prefer technical fabric over cotton and shorts over leggings (I am a runner through and through!)


You can check out Mollies Website here and follow on Facebook Twitter InstagramStrava

Mollie also runs various events across London, which are worth keeping an eye out for and has a “30 Days To Happy” program which you can find out more about by emailing – Finally, as if that wasn’t enough you can buy her book 52 Weekend Challenges



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