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5 Minutes With ‘Keep it simpElle’….

When I started ‘5 Minutes with‘ I didn’t realize how much I’d enjoy learning a little more about new people. There’s something so interesting about encouraging people to open up about topics that aren’t always covered on their blogs. For your information, I don’t think I’ll ever tire of reading peoples morning routines and finding out what they eat for breakfast. In simple terms, I could spend all day asking people what they ate for breakfast and wondering ‘where did they buy those leggings‘?

This month I’m introducing Elle, a fitness blogger, PT and Entrepreneur from Essex. I would hope that Elle is a familiar face to many of you if not this is a great way for you to be introduced.

What I like about Elle is the fact her content is always so varied, you’ll find her running, lifting and cycling crazy distances alongside creating sensational smoothies at some of London’s exclusive events. Over the past few months, I’ve had the pleasure of crossing paths with Elle a few times, from spinning at 1Rebel, to sweating it out at Urban Tri and covered in mud at Tough Mudder.

The time has come to spend 5 minutes covering breakfast (obs), cycling, how to stay organized and Elle’s favourite sports brand right now.

I love hearing about people’s morning routines, can you tell me about yours?

My schedule is forever changing but luckily mornings are usually the time I have to form a little routine. If I’m honest, I wake up and pick my phone up straight away to check notifications. Then I usually turn on the tv to hear the latest news in the world. Each morning I try to start with a glass of water before anything else! When I’m working from home, I shower in the morning and get dressed to try to replicate being a civil human being and then make myself a substantial breakfast… something like granola, yoghurt, fruit and coffee or if I’m in the mood I’ll make myself some vegan pancakes (and make enough to freeze some for another few days!). At this point, I’ll open my laptop (its prob10am by now) to check my emails, do some writing and general admin tasks before I have to leave the house.

You balance a few different jobs including instructing fitness classes in some of London’s elite gyms, your business ‘Borrow My Blender’ and blogging. How do you fit it all in?

I have a paper diary and a paper diary alone. I couldn’t manage my time without it and even with it I still manage to over commit myself at times as activities never look as strenuous on paper as they are in real life. I have to prioritise smartly and that’s usually based on meeting deadlines and finishing work that I am being paid for. Over the past few years, I’ve learnt how to say no to help me keep a bit of balance. I also love using ‘dead time’ like commuting to think up ideas and also write (I jot everything down on the notes app on my iPhone).

You’ve recently cycled some rather impressive distances, how would you recommend someone new to cycling got started?

I’ve grown to love cycling so much more over the past couple of years after giving it up once I started ‘adulting’. If you don’t have a bike, you can easily pick one up for a reasonable price from stores like Decathlon and in the future, if you stick to it an really want to, you can upgrade to a better model. If you already have a bike you never use, start with small trips like to the shops or cycling to your local parkrun. It gets you in the habit of being on your bike and builds up your tolerance to the saddle. Cycling in groups is a great way to build confidence and learn some routes; there are a few websites like which list all your local rides by distance and ability or you can just reach out to your friends to see who fancies a little meet up Online communities like #ukcyclechat are a great place to ask if you have any questions (like which lights people recommend etc).

At what point do you stop ‘working’ for the day? How do you then relax?

I’m pretty sure that as an Entrepreneur if your eyes are open you’re working. It’s kinda non stop, but it’s my passion. A workday for me could be a morning, and afternoon or an evening and that doesn’t include the time I spend teaching classes and travelling so it’s hard to have a particular time to switch off.

Finally, tell me what fitness wear pieces you’re loving right now?

Ooooooh this is hard. I’m gonna say Under Armour for the time being. I got a full outfit from them recently and the pieces are great quality, fit well and affordable. I think Under Armour is a brand that we don’t really notice that much in fitness but they’re at the top of their game in sport.

Thanks for answering Elle!

You can read Elle’s blog *here*

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