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5 Minutes With Jenna From The Bloglancer & A Balanced Belly

I’m back for another ‘5 Minutes With’ and this month I have the pleasure of chatting to Jenna from The Bloglancer and A Balanced Belly. I’ve been following Jenna for many years and her recent project, The Bloglancer has been a huge source of motivation and assistance with my journey towards blogging as a business.

What makes Jenna stand out from the crowd is her nonsense, helpful and detailed advice, it’s hard to know who to trust in the online world, especially when there are so many contradicting resources for bloggers. Thanks to Jenna I now have the confidence to pitch to brands and have learnt how to generate traffic to my blog via Pinterest.

Tell me about your working day, do you have a set ‘start’ and ‘finish’ time? Do you find it hard to switch off?

My working day is a little bit erratic- I’d love to say I start and finish at set times; but because some of the brands I work with are American; I often have a second flurry of email a8 pm! So, yes I definitely find it hard to switch off and it’s something I’m working on!

Do you dress up for working at home? Or is relaxed attire the outfit of the day?

When I first began, I lived in loungewear (you can’t beat it!). Now I’ve started to make Youtube videos, I do dress up a little bit more just in case I decide to film one-and surprisingly that has made me more productive!

If you were going to give one piece of advice to someone starting a blog, what would it be?

Don’t write for bloggers. Yes, I know I’ve broken that rule with my second blog but many who start out writing what they think bloggers want to read and find their audience through follow-chains or blogging facebook group. Your traffic is much more likely to be sustained if it’s answering people’s questions and if it’s something people are searching for via google or Pinterest!

What would be your dream event to be invited to? It can be anything and anywhere…

I went to a day event at Champney’s once-it was incredible and I didn’t want to leave, so anywhere that involved me checking into there for several days would make me very happy!

After a full on day/week of working, how do you relax?

My two poodles force me to put my laptop down! So I’ll usually curl up with a good book with the dogs by my side or indulge in a bit of binge box-setting! I also love to listen to blogging podcasts whilst in the bath.

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