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5 Minutes With – Claire and Daniel From Groove Aerobics

I’m back and this week I’m with Claire and Daniel, I guess you could call this two for one?

Image Credit – Vine House Studios

I first met Claire on Twitter a few years ago and we went on to complete some races together, nearly always muddy and always a whole lot of fun.During the past 6 months, Claire has become Daniel’s Business Partner at ‘Groove Aerobics’ and I’m always keen to learn more about what goes on behind the scenes, do they work out together and how on earth do they relax?

*Where and how did you both meet?

D: In Bannatyne Gym

C:Daniel started his class Groove Aerobics in Bannatyne Gym, I had just become a member at the gym and went along to try it and got hooked straight away, it’s not just a dance fitness class, it gives you an all over work out and I noticed the difference in my health, fitness and weight loss straight away.

Image Credit - Vine House Studios

Image Credit – Vine House Studios

*Tell me about the highs and lows of running fitness classes?

D: The highs are seeing the people thoroughly enjoying your class. The lows are rarely having an evening off because I have to teach. So in normal sociable hours, I’m still working.

C:The highs are definitely the people you meet in classes, our ‘Groovers’ are amazing and we have developed a community through the classes who socialise together across all the locations and online, we aim to be a fully inclusive class, everyone is friendly and welcoming whatever your level. The lows are getting people who haven’t been to a class or seen anything about Groove Aerobics to join the team, as with any new emerging fitness brand while social media is fantastic at getting the information out there, it cannot beat actually coming and experiencing a class as a potential Instructor or Groover.

*Okay guy’s, I feel it’s only natural to ask what are your ‘Top 3’ songs to workout to right now?

D: Disciples – On my mind, Michael Jackson, Livin’ Joy – Don’t stop moving

C: I’ve got quite a wide taste in music, but right now my ‘Top 3’ would be;

Let ‘Em Talk – Kesha, Kiwi – Harry Styles, Kickstart my heart – Motley Crue

I’m well aware of how random that mixture is, and if you were to ask me next week the whole list would change, I love the ‘discover’ feature on Spotify so it throws up all sorts and keeps playlists interesting.

*Right Claire, I know you are a keen runner, Daniel how do you stay fit apart from teaching?

D: I teach around a dozen classes a week so more than often that is my daily workout. Occasionally I would go to the gym as well if I haven’t had a heavy day grooving.

*Do you ever train together?

D: Apart from when Claire takes my class, then no.

C: I have tried to get Daniel to join me on some Marathon training runs but he is more of a sprinter so it would never work, and we have very different tastes in music so our ‘work out soundtrack’ would never be able to be agreed on.

*It’s Friday night, after a long week – How do you relax?

D: more than often, Netflix. Occasionally I would watch theatre shows or go to a restaurant.

C: For me going out for dinner and a pint is the perfect relaxing evening. Life is all about balance and since discovering exercise over the past 3 years I’ve gone from trying to watch and count everything that goes past my lips to realising to live a healthy, well-balanced life you can’t measure and count everything, the points systems on weight loss plans etc just don’t work for me. I know if I’ve had a naughty weekend on the food and drink that I need to do an extra workout or two the following week.

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