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30 Years Of Learning.

In May I hit a milestone.

I turned 30.

I have learnt so much in my journey from 20 to 30 and I’m not the same person at all, as matter of fact, I’ve become the person I never thought I would. I’m far from perfect, I don’t know it all, I make plenty of mistakes on my journey through life. In fact, my journey over the last 10 years has really taught me a lesson or two and I’m sharing just a few thoughts and opinions I’ve picked up along the way…

*Success takes time: There are many different forms of ‘Success’ – for example in becoming a faster runner, in working more efficiently, in friendships, in loving yourself and please keep in mind that nothing worth having is easy.

*Want to ‘Burn 800 calories in 30 minutes?’: Place a pizza in the oven at the highest possible heat, leave for 30 minutes et volia! What I’m trying to say is, if you can, try to see through all the marketing nonsense and enjoy working out..

*Stop comparisons: It really is the thief of all joy; be you and embrace being you and all the lovely little quirks that come with being yourself and not trying to be ‘the cool girl’.

*Make mistakes: you may find them so much fun, that you make them again.

*Make people feel good: Give a compliment and MEAN it, don’t feel inclined say something to boost the ego of someone you admire, save it for when they really do need it. It’s worth learning that those whom are rude, angry or negative towards you are often the people who need kindness the most.

*Own at least one pair of fabulous shoes: Save up, buy them with the money you’ve worked hard to earn and enjoy the whole process of feeling like Beyonce. You know; strutting into the bar in your fabulous shoe’s, feeling independent, strong and in control. It doesn’t matter if your fabulous shoes are trainers and you’re heading to the track, just own it and enjoy the moment.

*But remember labels aren’t everything: Just because something or someone doesn’t glitter, it doesn’t make it/them worthless of your time – Be a little bit of a Magpie, but not too much of a Magpie.

*Cut Toxic Friendships:  Whilst there are people I should make time for and do really enjoy the company of, there are one or two people I had to cut because they just weren’t good for me. It’s not that the people in question are ‘terrible people’ it was simply the fact that I would leave the meeting feeling deflated/annoyed/with a comment playing on my mind.

*Understand its okay not to be ‘okay’: Life is hard, it’s pressured, things go wrong, you’ll be disappointed, and sometimes it’s impossible to smile or even find one single thing to feel happy about. Never forget that depression is not a dirty word.

*Thin does not equal fit: Oh my, when I was 21 (and I knew ‘everything‘) I was convinced that thin = fit and healthy and I feel a little embarrassed to even admit that. Fitness and health is not gained by reaching a certain number on the scales or dress size, it really is a completely personal journey/lifestyle/choice.

*Be honest: With yourself and with others, the beauty of honesty is that you’ll never have to remember what you told someone and even though it hurts at times, people appreciate the truth.

*Understand that goals change:  At 20 I was aiming for a Porsche, Husband and child by 30. I have a long term boyfriend, a beautiful home which we own together (the kind of home I never expected to be able to own) and a beautiful Bengal cat called Lily and I’m extremely lucky and I’m pretty darn content.

*Laugh: Every. Single. Day

*Don’t follow the crowd: I wanted to love yoga, I wanted to embrace the lifestyle, I wanted to enjoy those amazing vibes but it wasn’t always clicking with me, so I took a rain check. We all have moments when we think that we should like something, perhaps in order to ‘fit in’ yet if the passion is not there that will emerge.

*Fat can be good: It took me 29 years to realise that there is such a thing as ‘Good’ fat and that I now embrace and enjoy this as part of my everyday diet, hurrah..

*Staying young: It’s not just a ‘miracle cream’, it’s about sleeping enough, smiling, eating a balanced diet, drinking plenty of water and being content. My Grandmother is in her 70’s, she’s in great shape, she’s full of energy, intelligent, beautiful and balances horse riding, walking, a huge social life and being a grandmother/mother/friend and she proves staying young is the little things, mainly the right mind-set.

No matter how old you are, I’d love to hear any nuggets of advice you’d give your younger self or others?



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