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3 Peaks Challenge – Kit List

As you may, or may not know we recently attempted to complete ‘The 3 Peaks Challenge’ and you can read about our journey *here*. When it comes to packing for a few days living in a minibus, coupled with a lot of walking and a limitation on space, practicality has to come into play. Which is mildly amusing, as packing light and being practical aren’t normally two things that people associate me with.

I quickly became famous (or irritating, I prefer famous) on our minibus for my vast collection of inflatable comforts, such as an inflatable footstool, head and neck pillow. I wouldn’t suggest that 3 bags filled with inflatables, a dry robe, and endless snacks are a winning or necessary combination, but having tried and tested them, I personally wouldn’t change a thing.

Moving on…

Putting together the perfect kit with Decathlon

When it comes to taking on a challenge like this, buying all the correct kit can quickly become two things; expensive and stressful. This is where Decathlon can help, it’s a store where you can buy all the kit you need, with the level of quality you require, at a price that suits all budgets. Whilst I’ve popped together a ‘General Kit List’ below, I’ll start by showing you the kit I took with me:

General Kit List

Alongside the above kit list, I thought I’d share the general kit list we used to ensure that we had everything to make our trip a happy, safe event.


Whilst I’d love to say that I kept to a highly nutritious, balanced dieting during the trip, that would be a complete fib. We grabbed hot food from service stations and in all fairness, there are many balanced options available these days and often you can find a supermarket on route to pick up what takes your fancy.

During the walks, I recommend eating what you enjoy and something that won’t melt, we took: Trail mix, jelly babies, nakd bars and boost balls. I might have devoured a sausage roll and ice cream at the summit of Snowdon and nearly fell asleep eating breakfast after climbing Ben Nevis.

I do have some great recipes that would be ideal for endurance events, such as:


I hope that you’ve found this helpful, is there anything else you’d add?



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