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Whole Body Workout : At Home or Gym


Working out at home is my ‘thing’, I love being able to fit my workouts in with my life, I love the privacy and I even ‘love it’ when my other half laughs at me (there’s normally a reason for this).

However I wanted to create a workout that could be used at the gym or at home, my aim was to keep the movement’s simple so most people regardless of fitness level could use this and I wanted ensure everything flowed..

I’ve started with burpee’s because I actually don’t mind them, it’s lunges I hate!  With regards to weights, speeds and so on, I’d say go with what feel’s right to you. Of course, push yourself but don’t cause injury…

Whole body workout

I’m sure I’ve asked this before, but do you prefer at home or gym workouts or a mix of both? Do you ever head to the park with your friends and workout? Although I’m not so sure that’s viable now it’s super chilly!



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  1. This looks like a great routine – I hate lunges too! I switch between loving the gym and home workouts, if I’m having a busy week then there’s nothing better than working out at home, but I do find I’m more motivated at the gym as I’ve had to make the effort to get there

    Rachel – Cake Doesn’t Count x

    1. I do agree the gym is motivating and of course as you’ve travelled and paid to be there it’s important to make the most of it! There are times I miss the gym, but then my cat comes and starts playing and I remember I love being at home 🙂 x

  2. Snap with the burpees vs lunges! Lunges (oh and even worse – jumping lunges!!) kill me. I do find I push myself harder in the gym, but I love taking these no-BS circuits there on days I’m not using heavier weights or machines. This is definitely one that suits me!

    1. Thank’s for your comment Cat – So glad I’m not alone in hating lunges!
      I agree, when I am not using heavy weights etc I just like a simple workout that makes me feel good but has no complications…

  3. I really hate lunges too! I’d rather do burpees any day than have to do jumping lunges. I typically prefer the gym because I find it motivating and I like all the weights and equipment, but during the past year and a half, I’ve had no time to get to the gym at all and have really found some good at home workouts that I like. It’s a great way to keep on a workout schedule if you can’t get to the gym so you don’t get into a slump of not working out!

    1. I totally agree – Plus, I find it means I am more inclined to vary my workouts to keep my body guessing due to lack of machines or classes! x