April 20, 2016

On a quest for a happy balance..


When we take away everything materialistic, what does it all boil down to?

Love and happiness.

Love may make the world go around; yet we find ourselves endlessly on the hamster wheel of life trying to strike the perfect balance on route to happy, to find that life we desire and to fall in love with that life.

You can search for happiness in high heels and behind the wheel of a fast car, but its short lived. You can convince yourself that joy will be found in your bank balance, or even worse…someone else’s.

As I grow older my ambitions change, what makes me truly happy has changed and I want to ensure I’m making a positive impact, not just in my life but the life of others. ‘Happy’ is found in the little things, like that warm feeling when he unexpectedly kisses your forehead, putting on your trainers and exploring the road’s around you, stroking the silky fur of your cat’s tummy..

I spend a lot of time office bound, I recently realised that by changing my mood (I’m a pretty big personality at times) I could change the mood of others in my team. Gradually we have become the most content team in the company, with laughter, singing, jokes and music. We’ve spent no money, however we’ve become richer by keeping each other company and a warm mood creates a more productive business impact.

I decided to bring a little more cheer home with me, I’ve gone from sitting on my laptop/phone/in the kitchen most evenings (anti-social, I know) to relaxing a little and aiming to be the best partner I can be. If you ever need a boost, chill back on the sofa with your loved one and play music from your youth, laugh, sing and reminisce. This idea came from a tremendous game, which is playing ‘guess what song I’m humming’ – The evenings just fly by!

Surround yourself with people ‘who get you’, people with the same ambitions or interests, people who can lift you higher, make you laugh and join you on the journey. When you have your friends over don’t be uptight, the best evenings are when cheese is trodden into the carpet, someone’s said something ridiculous and you lay in bed laughing about the events. I’m so thankful to finally have people in my life that make me feel good, I’m always trying to make new friends, who want to go out, have adventures and create memories…

UNFOLLOW people who annoy you, there are certain blogger’s who are quite simply like a ‘car crash’ and its addictive viewing for all the wrong reasons. I think at that point, I had to question the sense in following, why follow someone whom only leaves you frustrated?

Stop trying to be perfect, some days I walk into the office looking not unlike a toddler left unattended with a dressing up box (it’s terribly good fun, try it…). When you care a little less what people think, you have more fun! I wasted time trying to be the ladylike, but I realised I had so much more fun when I let go, the best times are when my sides are hurting from laughter. Trust me, my partner made a video called ‘How you look when you snapchat’ and despite the fact I look utterly ridiculous, I’ve made a fair few friends laugh!

You are the writer of your own story, if someone asked me what I was most proud of? I have so much I could mention; I would be tempted to say our beautiful home, I would be tempted to say my adventures in sport (especially during my years as a climber) or my work ethics and loyalty to people. The reality is, that it’s important to have lots of little moments and discoveries in life that make you feel good, that made you the person you are today…no matter how small they may seem..

Every accomplishment comes with the decision to try and the acceptance of failure, if you were ever going to write a story about your life, make sure it’s worth reading…


Finally, try not to be too hard on yourself, I often make myself unhappy my creating situations in my head that will never happen or beating myself up, because I’ve set the goal too high for that day. If you’ve made a mistake, think about what good can come out of that situation? If you think hard enough I’m sure you can find something..

If all else fails? Head over to Snapchat, pop a floral crown on your head and smile…



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  1. It’s strange that you posted this now as it’s something I have been thinking about recently.

    I think it’s easy to forget to what you have and crave something more. It’s natural to want more or feel jealous of some one (because they’re getting a power cage 😂)

    I realise how lucky I am, I have a great family, a flexible part time job which fits in with my growing business, a nice house in a decent area. I can’t afford to buy everything I want but that’s the extent of my deprivation. How can I be miserable about that?

    I am guilty of building potential situations up in my head. But now I try and work backwards from worst case scenario which helps. It helps a lot!

    Crikey, I wrote an essay there.

    • cakevsscales says:

      It’s good to reflect on how lucky we are once in a while, sometimes it’s easy to forget the little things that really matter. I like your advice on how to deal with stressful situations, I could do with trying that myself actually…:)

  2. I love listening to music- although the music from my youth is getting to be 20 years old now which can also make me feel very old!

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