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Learning how to pull up with Gladiator Gear


The perfect pull up is something I aspire to, I have day dreams about being able to complete more than one unassisted pull up. Naturally, when learning a new skill we need to accept that it takes time, patience and effort, after all nothing worth having is easy.

I was recently contacted by a new company called Gladiator Gear who specialise in pull up bands.   Most of you will know resistance bands have a whole host of uses when it comes to workouts; squats to bicep curls, kickbacks to chest presses, and assisted pull ups.  The resistance band can be that extra helping hand you need to push yourself to the next level.

This is how I’m going to train towards an unassisted pull up:


Why choose Gladiator Gear?

Gladiator Gear have designed comprehensive workout guides that provide a range of different exercises to get the most from your band.  Including those elusive pull ups

Rather than buying an off the shelf resistance band, Gladiator Gear’s band selection tool will suggest the correct band for you based on your weight and workout objectives

I was very impressed by the quality of the band. I’m not particularly light, at first I was apprehensive that a band would be able to support my body weight however it was surprisingly sturdy and well made.


What really delighted me was how fast the resistance band turned up.  Within 24 hours I had my band, gym towel and e-guide. If you’re seriously impatient (like me) this is a huge selling point, even more so when there are no postage costs involved.
Currently Gladiator Gear are offering FREE delivery, FREE starter E- Guide and a FREE workout towel with each order and I also have the following discount code for readers of ‘Cake Vs Scales’.



Can you pull up unassisted? Do you have any advice for me?



Disclaimer : I was sent the resistance band for review but all views are my own.

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  1. Lately I started using lat machine to help me strengthen my back muscles as I’ve been experiencing some back ache. It’s good to know that the same muscles are used for a pull up. This is something I haven’t attempted yet but would like to. Your plan sounds great. I haven’t heard of Gladiator Gear before but I am not sure I really need their band.

    1. Oh I do hope your back ache clears up soon – Are you finding that the lat machine is helping? 🙂

  2. Right now I’m doing the pull ups with the band too, either by holding both my knees in or one foot at a time and push-jump with the other one. Good luck, looking forward to see videos on instagram with you doing the pull ups without the band 😛

    1. Hurrah! I’m glad I’m not the only one, I can’t wait until I can finally lift my body weight. How are you finding the process? I can’t wait to see your video too! 😀

      1. Not easy and even frustrating at times, I have moments when I doubt I’ll ever be able to do it. But then I remember that 1 year ago I couldn’t even do a push up or a squat… Patience and hard work and results will come…

        1. I’ve only just got an ‘acceptable’ squat and I found them really hard to learn. We will get there, I know this! 😀