April 14, 2016

Ivy Park and Primark Fitness Haul

Well helloooo there, unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ll know that today was the official launch of ‘Ivy Park’. Which is Beyonce’s fitness and lifestyle collection for Topshop, being the curious cat I am, I power walked to Topshop during my lunch break and had a quick look.

Firstly, whilst I love the collection overall, many of the pieces won’t be for me. For the simple reason of I’m not actually a huge fan of slogan clothing, which is a big part of ‘Ivy Park’.


Saying all that I was pleased to see that the quality was good with lovely thick material and seriously stylish designs. If I was to buy anything? It would be the following pieces:

Ivy Park

Leggings  – Vest  – Zipped Hoodie

I then proceeded to dash to Primark at lightening speed (I only get 30 minutes lunch) and allowed myself a mini budget sportswear haul. I posted my whole haul on Snap chat and within moments I was receiving more snaps than ever as so many of you loved the pieces. I think more than anything, the price plays a big part also, whilst I don’t mind paying more for quality staples and trainer’s, I think everyday sportswear can be cheap and cheerful.


These leggings were only £9.00 and the top was £6.00 – I also picked up a black vest to layer over the top


Whilst admittedly these leggings are by Freddy, Primark had a great selection of plain and colourful leggings and I adore these tops at only £4.00 each. I also grabbed a loose t-shirt in peach to throw over a sports bra or vest on those ‘In between’ weather days and I firmly recommend the socks at only £2.50 for 3 pairs.

As you will all probably know, unfortunately Primark does not have a ‘Buy Online‘ option. So, I can only recommend you drop in whilst passing and see what your local store has to offer.

I know I’ve never shared a shopping haul before, but I’ve really enjoyed talking fit fashion today and will try and do this more often – Have you brought any new sportswear lately? Any new lines I should check out?



4 responses to “Ivy Park and Primark Fitness Haul”

  1. I like seeing new kit, although I am one of those under a rock as all I knew about was aldi runner offers this week! I have bought cheap leggings before, from asda, sainsburys, but they never last well so now I try to buy good ones in the sales. Love the butterfly design.

    • cakevsscales says:

      Ahhhh I saw the Aldi offers and one of the running jackets looked really good – I need to pick up the running jacket they had (£9.99 HELLO!!!). I agree with sale shopping, I can handle Sweaty Betty etc at 50% off..

  2. Steph says:

    I love the blue of that Ivy Park vest! I haven’t been shopping (online or high Street) for absolutely ages, so I am completely out of the loop. I love the print of the Primary leggings too.

    • cakevsscales says:

      The blue is so nice in real life – I’m tempted but…you know I have soooo much stuff!
      I need to get over my shopping obsession and focus on bigger thing’s, like a new kitchen! 😀 x

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