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Healthy/Sporty Read’s..

I adore reading, it may be curling up with my tablet in bed and seeing what my ‘Blog Lovin’ feed has to offer, fighting with a huge newspaper, using my kindle whilst in a queue at the airport or a good old fashioned paperback. 

Here is selection of some of the interesting sporty reads I’ve found on the internet this week…

Running a sub 1.25 half marathon….Is a incredible dream for most of us, if I’m honest I dream of one single 6 minute mile but this amazing runner kept up the 6min pace for the full 13 miles..truly fantastic!

Being a North Face sponsored athlete sounds pretty cool…But when your one of the best female climbers in the UK it’s all about ethic’s, not being afraid to fall, refusing to be catered for and keeping strong for 24 hours. Even if your not a climber this is very insightful vision into the mindset of the elite and what really goes on behind the scenes of a partly promotional video.

So many of us exercise to lose weight…but do we really realise the extent of what we see online or in magazines is not real in any way shape or form? I am continually surprised when I see how much airbrushing happens in magazines.  Maybe we all need to take a step back and realise that we aren’t in a ‘bad’ shape at all.

Could what’s in your kitchen improve your overall health? Do you struggle for inspiration?  this is a  sneaky peak into the kitchens of nutritionists and could be helpful for stocking the kitchen cupboard with items you really need *Note to self – not nutella!

It would appear whilst many of us love to run we aren’t so keen to watch it..How do you feel? would you sit down to watch a race or would you rather read about it?

Would you let becoming wheelchair bound change your life for the better or worse?  This book left me amazed, in floods of tears and very inspired. Karen was a strong, fit, healthy 21 year old until she became paralysed in a rock climbing fall – She went on to be a member of The British Cycling Team in the paralympics, she ski’s, climbs and lives life to the fullest. I think if most of us are being honest with ourselves we  wouldn’t have a quarter of the mental and physical determination she has. 

Juneathon Day 25

Up bright and early, enjoyed 20 minutes of pilates with a ‘Lower body basics‘ and ‘Total body workout’. Then I spent 25 minutes following a online ‘at home‘ workout with squats, burpees (torture), push up’s, crunches, lunges and more planks. 
After a long day at the office I was in a desperate need of some fresh air so took a 2 mile (33 min) walk, partly to explore the new area and mainly to clear my head. 


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