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A few week’s ago I crept out of bed early on Sunday morning, dressed complete inappropriately for the chilly morning (Hey, Nike Pro shorts? In Autumn? So sensible..) and headed off to Milton Keynes to attend a ‘Glow’ Fitness class with the lovely Maria.

When I read that the class would be ‘Aerobic’s’ I was immediately transported back to my 90’s childhood when women wore leotards and Mr Motivator was on TV every morning in one of his many fetching outfit’s. Part of me was excited because I love a new class, I’m curious when it comes to fitness and the other side of me was fearful I’d be a display of limbs awkwardly flapping everywhere.

As Maria bounced through the door I immediately felt at ease, she’s exactly what any fitness class attendee would want to be taught by; bright, positive and in great shape without coming across as intimidating. I immediately relaxed as we spoke about her lengthily fitness career, what Glow are looking to offer members and what to expect from the class.

Glow are a new fitness revolution with welcoming values, they are not ageist or sizest, the classes are planned to be unique, fun and with limited pressure on people that are new to their fitness journey. What  I was impressed to see is that everyone in the class was be able to move through the routine at the pace that suited them, no pressure or judgement.

The class started with a weigh in, to log progress,whilst everyone else happily chitchatted in groups, I’d never been in a class where people where weighed and It was fascinating to watch the expressions. From those wearing expressions of  joy who I wanted to ‘high five‘ and those looking a little deflated whom I wanted to hug and tell ‘it’s just a bad week, don’t worry’.  Glow offer a monthly package which I consider very competitively priced for the class length and variety of classes on offer or the ‘Pay As You Go’ option which is very popular when trying a class for the first time.

Before I knew it the workout started, I found a place, relaxed with the music (I love 90’s and 00’s dance, it’s a instant happy place for me) and moved along with the instructions. Suddenly it dawned on me, this was not what I expected, It was fast paced cardio with a good variety of whole body targeting move’s and I was wearing a heart rate monitor and I knew I was working in a good fat/calorie burning zone.

The class flew by and I found myself laughing, whizzing around and sweating whilst feeling completely comfortable and content, that’s a pretty good place to be. We cooled down with some abdominal/pilates moves and Maria kindly introduced me to the class so that I could spend some time at the end talking to members.

As you would expect; I read a lot of blogs, I’ve had my own weight loss journey and I know how it feel’s to take the baby steps toward to changing but I wanted to know why people kept coming back and what they liked. The first lady I spoke to said that the exercise helps prevent a certain injury, other’s said the feel good factor, weight loss was a popular response and a common reply is that they enjoyed the workouts and felt comfortable with Maria and the class.

I think there is still the ‘everyone is staring at me‘ stigma in certain gym’s, I know some of us can ‘switch off’ to that emotion but other’s feel more at ease in a class with where you can work at your own pace and blend in. Fitness should be attainable for everyone and Maria offer’s classes for pilates, kettle bells and cardio, in the evening’s, day time and weekend.

If you are in the area I do thoroughly recommend dropping into one of Maria’s classes to be classes near you.  as I think most people would genuinely really enjoy it, on the other hand Glow is across the UK so here is likely

Tell me, do you attend classes often? What would make a class attractive to you?



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