December 30, 2016

10 Of the best sportswear sale pieces…

It’s that joyful time of year, if you’re anything like me then you’ve spent a reasonable amount of time relaxing on the sofa, eating cheese and the last of the chocolates. Don’t for a single second feel guilty, it’s the most wonderful time of the year! I’m an advocate of the fact that a little of what you fancy, along with rest and relaxing is part of a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Another good thing about this time of year is the sales if you have Christmas money that’s burning a hole in your pocket? spend it wisely my friend. Should you be looking to invest in a few extra ‘must have‘ pieces for your workout wardrobe? I’ve got you covered.

Here’s the boring part, due to the fact these are sales pieces, they’ll be sure to sell out fast and sadly I cannot guarantee any availability.

Sweaty Betty Anna Headband (£10.00 Down to £3.00)

Sweaty Betty Athlete Vest (£35 Down to £15.00)

Sweaty Betty Reversible Leggings, which kind of means you’re getting 2 For 1! (£75 Down to £52)

Lululemon ‘Free to be’ bra (£38 Down to £24)

Lululemon ‘Wunder under crop’ (£72 Down to £29)

Stella McCartney Zip Hoodie (£55 Down to £39)

Adidas Sports Shorts (£28.99 Down to £11.60)

Under Armour Hoodie (£50 Down to £16) *Note: I own this hoodie and it’s seriously soft and comfy!

Under Armour Long Sleeved Top (£41.99 Down to £21)

Nike Power Legendry Tights (£69.99 Down to £41.99)

So tell me, have you bought anything in the sales?



6 responses to “10 Of the best sportswear sale pieces…”

  1. Cindy says:

    Oh dear me. Now I’ve just spent a fair amount on Lululemon! I got a pair of tights in the Sweaty Betty sale as well and the Barbican jumper too.

    • Katie G says:

      I loved the sweaty betty sale, I got a whole outfit and the rucksack I’ve wanted for AGES! That’s the best Lulu sale I’ve seen in an age, plus the clothing is just beautiful! x

  2. Mary says:

    You always find such gorgeous workout gear Katie! Loving the headband and Nike tights.

    • Katie G says:

      Auw thank you Mary, I just love shopping! I grabbed a couple of the headbands, because at £3 why not? Those Nike tights are so desirable, however, I’ve just got to resist right now!

  3. Some great bargains to be had! I ordered some stuff from Lululemon (capris and a top) but I had a right issue with the paypal money going, but the order email not coming through- I am still not 100% sure if the stuff is going to come or not… to be fair they’ve given me a voucher but one of the items was no longer in stock so that can’t be solved.
    I bought two sports bras off ebay because I broke one of my older ones, and they were cheaper anyway, and if you bought two you saved a further £5- I use them a lot so thought it made sense.
    I went into Decathlon to look at the trainers but they had no size 6’s at all, so that was disappointing.

    • Katie G says:

      Oh No! That sounds frustrating, the good thing about Lululemon is that they have a really good customer service and hopefully you’ll get your clothing. Sports bra’s are just so important like you say they’ll be worn and it’s always good to have one or two spare for when others are in the washing basket 🙂
      Shame about the trainers, that could mean you’ll find even more of a bargain online or out and about? 🙂

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