December 10, 2017

Engagement/Wedding Ring Snobbery

It’s been a while since I’ve given you all a Wedding update, but here I am!

Overal Wedding Planning is going well, it’s fairly straightforward for us as we’re using one venue for the whole day and we don’t have a vast list of guests or intricate requirements. I’ve purchased my dress, we’ve purchased Graeme’s outfit, I’m collecting items to build the perfect ‘decor’ for our day. We’ve booked a fantastic photographer and it feels as if everything is really starting to come together.

Which brings me to the important job of picking our wedding rings…

As if the whole concept of a Wedding isn’t a big enough deal when the day came to pick the piece of jewellery that symbolises this commitment, I was feeling a little nervous.

This is the point where I share my unpopular opinion, Graeme wasn’t sure if he wanted to wear a ring or not (jewellery isn’t his thing at all) and I wasn’t bothered if he decided not to wear a ring.

However, we went with open minds and much to our surprise, found two very suitable rings and I think we’ll be going ahead and making the purchase. There are so many choices to make, I wanted a ring that would compliment my engagement ring, without being overpowering. This is why we went to a local business which specialised in custom wedding rings, I wanted to be able to pick something as wonderfully unique as us and to reflect our personalities and tastes.

Which brings me to Wedding/Engagement ring snobbery, I’m hugely proud of my engagement ring as it symbolises the time, effort and consideration that Graeme took to choose something so very ‘me’.  Once I’d accepted his proposal, he explained that he’d be agonizing between two rings and took the first one back as he wasn’t 100% sure. I strongly feel that fate played a part in this because I prefer the one he chose. He took into account the style of the engagement ring which belongs to my late Nan, which I treasure so dearly and wear daily.

I chose not to Instagram a close up picture of the ring or flash it in front of friends because I wanted to quietly enjoy those moments when it catches the light and sparkles. Because those moments were ours to share alone. I wanted to enjoy our engagement, without judgement, or being asked 101 questions, including ‘How much did he spend?’ and ‘what happened?’  It is the most expensive piece of jewellery I own, but it’s value to me is so much more than monetary. You can’t value how something makes you feel and the emotions connected to it, I feel if you value things based on price, you’ll forever feel disappointed.

I know women who’ve dedicated Pinterest boards to the perfect rock; then there was this viral thread when one lady complained that her fiancé only spent £1,500.00 on her ring. Whilst looking up wedding ring inspiration and idea’s about how to choose the right thing, I found this gem of an article!

“So I want someone spending the full 3 month’s salary, maybe more, on this ring. I deserve it.”

“The ring should represent me and how well he knows me. That’s what I find romantic. Not the price tag attached to the ring.”A Woman after my own heart…

“I would want him to spend one month’s gross salary if we are not in any kind of debt or looking to finance something more important”

Whilst of course, if you ask 9 women of various ages and situations, you’ll get a mixed set of replies but it very much reconfirmed the underlining pressure surrounding what is simply metal and precious stones.

I love gold jewellery (yet another unpopular opinion) and I really wanted a diamond and fortunately for me, my dreams of a beautiful ring came true. But what was really a dream come true is the fact that we are going to commit to the rest of our lives together, surely that’s what’s most important?

What are your views on the topic of Wedding/Engagement Rings?



6 responses to “Engagement/Wedding Ring Snobbery”

  1. Scallywag says:

    Honestly? I think it’s insane how we have all been conned into thinking there’s a connection between love and a costly item of jewellery. It’s wonderful that your partner chose something just for you and didn’t bow to the pressure of one month’s salary etc. If my partner spent a months salary on a ring I’d be annoyed not impressed! Also, I barely wear jewellery so I feel it’d be a strange jump for me to be two rings up…

  2. I’m not a jewellery person so my engagement ring is very simple with 5 diamonds that don’t stick out as I need my rings to be practical and not get stuck everywhere. At the moment neither me nor my husband have worn our rings very much for the past couple of years because we’ve so banged them up with barbells and rock climbing AND they’re a pain to get on an off all the time to NOT bang them up any further so for now they’re off 😉

    PS. I chose my ring myself 😀 We got married kind of quickly so I didn’t want to put the pressure of finding the ‘perfect ring’ on my husband to be.

    • Katie G says:

      That sounds like a stunning ring, mine has 3 diamonds and I love it.
      But like you say, for gym etc I won’t wear it (if possible) it’s just not worth getting it bashed around.
      I think love is so much more than the perfect ring 🙂

  3. I barely wear any jewelry apart from my engagement ring and a pair of earrings the majority of the time. I dont know where it came from where someone has to spend x amount of ones salary on a ring.. to me it isn’t about the money. I still have absolutely no idea how much Phillip spent on my engagement ring and I dont care to know either.. he bought a ring that he liked and he thought I would like(and i love.. it’s not really traditional as it’s more of a rectangle than a square)!

    I’ve loved reading your wedding posts… we’re still not in aaaany rush at all to get married.. we feel like we are already without having to, haha! We’ll probably just have a really long engagement, get other things out of the way and then eventually decide to do it when we’re ready! 🙂

    • Katie G says:

      I love your outlook towards marriage Laura like you say there are more important things to deal with first. For example, I know you’ve just moved and so on, and even planning a small wedding is painfully expensive!
      Your ring sounds absolutely stunning, I love the fact it’s unique to you and the shape sounds absolutely stunning! xx

  4. Steph says:

    I have to admit that I don’t understand the “spend thousands and thousands” mentality. I used to walk past a second hand jewellers on my way to my hairdressers and one ring always caught my eye. One day it disappeared and I was gutted. I loved it. Anyway, I moped to Matt about it for a bit. A couple of months later, he asked me to marry him with that ring. I still love it. As for our wedding bands, mine is a plain gold band and Matt has a titanium one.

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