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Trespass : Trailite Trainers Review

Trespass is a brand I’ve worn for year’s; it started with a pair of super comfortable walking boot’s which were ideal to wear en-route to the crag during my climbing days. This then moved onto bright, great quality ski wear, at really affordable prices (which is rare!) and I can’t praise their waterproof jackets enough especially when G and I hiked the Snowdon horseshoe in the pouring rain last year.

But what about something a little…different?

Running Shoes. “Running shoes from Trespass?” I hear you say? when I opened the box and saw these bright pink, super light, water-resistant trainers I felt more than a little excited.

 Trainers Pic

Trespass have created the perfect balance with these trainers:

*They are stylish and come in two colour choices, pink or blue. Personally, I think it is really great to have a choice. I felt that the pink pair matched a lot of my existing running wear perfectly and that was the deciding factor in my color choice.

*These trainers are lightweight, water resistant and are suitable for trail and road running.

*The price is right for any budget; running can be an expensive sport with race entry, nutrition, the occasional sport’s massage and so on. These trainers are currently priced at £22.99 and I can honestly say are every bit as comfortable than my existing trainers which retail at £115.00. This may read like a somewhat fickle comment but these trainers got a lot more social media love too.

Of course, the most important part of this review is telling you how comfortable/wearable they are and to give these a fair test I’ve worn them walking, running on the treadmill, running outside and for general gym workout’s. That’s every day, for two week’s and covering about 30 miles at a variable pace, completely out of choice due to the fact I have found them so very comfortable and ideal for my neutral, forefront running style.

I suppose the most important question is; would I buy these myself or recommend to a friend? Without a shadow of the doubt, the answer is yes!

Tell me, is Trespass a brand you’ve tried? Have you seen the activewear and tents which are perfect for the festival season?



Disclaimer: Trespass very kindly sent me these trainers to review, my opinions are my own and always will be. Please note that I was not paid for this review and I only review item’s I would genuinely buy myself and I feel would be of interest to my readers.

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  1. I would (and have) worn Trespass before but wouldn’t have really thought about them with running shoes before. Now I will check them out. Do they have any designs for non-neutral runners?

    1. Oooooh thank you for your comment sweetpea, I have contacted Trespass and will update you when I hear 🙂 x