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Nervous Girl Racing!

I’ve run a few races over the past few years but in the last 18 months I’ve not entered any..
I was thinking ‘Why’..and came up with a few reasons..
Last year after taking a running break I felt weak, slow and seriously unfit, my running confidence took a massive hit.
If I was going to run a charity race I needed something close to my heart, I’ve really enjoyed Race For Life and will definitely enter this year but nothing else had caught my eye.
I lost my drive to ‘race’ I’ve never been particularly fast and whilst it was never about winning I knew I needed some intense feelings of drive to beat what I considered a acceptable time.
Which leads to my pre: race nerves, on the eve of any race I’d lay awake in bed unable to sleep with my mind overflowing with thoughts about what may happen on the day..
‘What if I take 5 minutes longer than normal?’, ‘What if I’m sick?’, ‘How will I cope if I really need to spend a penny?’…
It all steams from one year I ran Race For Life and overcome with the need to beat my PB, heat and a crazy sprinting start (what was I thinking?) I ended up throwing up on the course and walking and I’ve never really gotten over it.
Of course I’ve ran races since, multi terrain in the wind, mud and rain (that killed a pair of trainers off in one hit), a steady winter 10km and a few fun charity 5km races. Which leaves me with an aim in 2013 to dust off my racing fears and enter some run’s to keep me motivated, moving forwards with beating personal bests and of course it’ll burn off any mad cake fests I have.
So far I’ve penciled a July 10km at a local park and our Local Race For Life also in July but that’s also a race I’ll be attending proudly with my little sister as It’ll be her first ever event. Which means that later on in 2013 I shall aim to run my first half marathon, this leaves me feeling excited….Will I finally feel like a real runner after this?…
Do you race often? Any top tips for a nervous chick like me?…I think I’ll pop along to our local ‘Park Run’ also as that’s bound to help my confidence..or at least I sure hope it will..

Juneathon – Day 10!

Oooh yikes I felt soooo terrible today – Just really tired and soooo lacking energy after the wedding and I won’t lie there where many moments I thought ‘Sod it’. But no I went out and plodded my way through a 4.85miles but I’m not 100% the distance/time is correct as I was having GPS issues…Darn I may have to indulge in a Garmin..


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  1. Well done for not sacking it off and running 4.85 miles, good distance 🙂

  2. A sprint start that led to you throwing up? Wow that must've been fast! Deffo get on the Parkruns, they really help to get you into race mode. Well done for your 4.85 miles – much more effort than my space hopper race for Day 10! x

  3. Auwww thank you Jen – Your comments always make me smile! x

  4. Oh dear me…It was awful Jess – This was around 4 years ago and I was aiming for a sub 30min 5km when I was currently at 32min..So I went flying off the start line after this 7/8 stone 14 year old (who finished at 20min 11seconds!) and I attempted to keep up for 1km which led to the epic fail of throwing up..That was noted as one of my most stupid running moments ever 🙂
    However..forever impressed by the space hoppers!

  5. I second that about parkrun – absolutely no pressure! I never used to race but gradually got a taste for it (and the bling…) – I tend to pick ones that I get a good vibe off, nice scenery, friendly people etc… Oh and I will admit to always having a sneaky look at the previous year's results to reassure myself that it's not a gazelle-only race!