November 2, 2014

Legacy Sportswear 30 Day Challenge – How I got on..

Legacy 33

Regular readers will know that last month I accepted a 30 day challenge with Legacy Sportswear and my aim was to feel as good inside and out side as possible. Today I’m sharing my highs, low’s and the little failure we shall just gloss over….

I’ll start by typing with a heavy heart that there was one point I failed at, it was the ‘Nodessertt after dinner’ once a week. I will be honest, I don’t eat a massive slab of cake after each meal but I do tend to have a little something sweet, mainly in the form of a few peanut butter stuffed dates, a smoothie, some fruit or similar and I could not seem to kick this habit. Or..I conveniently forgot, ‘Oh whoops a daisy..pass the peanut butter’.

Lagacy One

Run 50 Miles (I ran 52)

I had been running a much lower monthly mileage for a few months and increasing this was absolutely fantastic for me; I fell back in love with running again and honestly felt great. There were 6am starts, running in the pouring rain and longer Sunday run’s that left me feeling good all day. I think sometimes you just need an aim to help you press the ‘restart’ button and to me running is so much more than pace or a weight maintenance method, it’s good for my mind and eases stress. Even if I only ran 1.5 miles or 7 miles I always felt better for the fact I had run and the fact I can run at all.

Katie G


Two 10 minute abdominal workouts each week (I did 3 a week)

I have no problem admitting that I used to actively hate and avoid abdominal workouts and I have a very weak core; this needed to change. I know it’ll take a lot for me to have ab’s that rival Jessica Ennis but I wanted a stronger core to help with running, climbing and yoga and *cough* I love crop tops so that was another incentive. For the first week my workouts where boring and tedious but then I discovered ‘Fitness Blender’ workouts and I was made up, there was so much variation and the 10 minutes just flew by and this is why I ended up making time for 3 workouts instead of my planned 2 each week. I think the lesson is here, if you find a way to make a fitness work for you, then you can make it fun.


Yoga Twice a week (and relaxxxxxx)

I am so thankful to have found a Yoga class that I really look forward to each week, but I felt I would get more from my practice if I added more Yoga to my week. Some mornings I would spend 10 minutes working through a few poses after my run, some evenings I would dim the lights and have 30 minutes to unwind with a Yoga video before bed and some day’s I really struggled to get into the flow. For me a successful yoga practice is not about being able to practice the most complex poses but to completely free my mind of all worries and allow myself to be in the moment.


I would like to thank Legacy for not only sending me this gorgeous pink vest and most squat proof, running proof super comfortable leggings ever to have joined my fitness clothing collection but for encouraging me and others to #leaveyourlegacy.

Legacy are relaunching their website within the next couple of day’s and adding lot’s of new lines to the collections and should anything take your fancy feel free to use ‘Cakevsscales30’.

Tell me, have you ever taken on a 30 day challenge? Or a fitness photo shoot? It’s not as easy as all the fashion blogger’s make it look




6 responses to “Legacy Sportswear 30 Day Challenge – How I got on..”

  1. Fit Radiance says:

    Love those clothes! Right up my street 😉 Well done on completing your 30 day challenge! I love Fitness Blender’s vids, they’re really handy for a quick, at home workout.

    • cakevsscales says:

      Oh Lou – the quality is excellent, the top is really soft and the leggings are fantastic and I say that honestly as someone who buy’s a lot of sportswear 🙂
      Fitness Blender has been a saving grace for me..Honestly they really help when my at home workouts just felt stale!

  2. laurafat2fit says:

    You did fantastic with your goals Katie! Well Done! I can’t manage to NOT have dessert after dinner either!

    You already know I love your pictures and the clothing looks awesome(and so do you on that note!) 🙂

    I’ve taken on some fitness challenges before, they’re always great as they give me something to work towards and that’s always a good thing. Doesn’t make you feel like you’re doing something for nothing, especially when you get results!

    • cakevsscales says:

      Oh Laura – You make me feel so much better, I just need a little sweet something to finish off my evening meal.
      Thank you for your kind comments on the pictures, as you know from our FB exchange it was a bit of a process but great to show off the beautiful kit from Legacy.
      I really like these challenges, it’s great to have a reason not to make excuses right? 🙂

  3. Tubontherun says:

    Nice job with the 30 day challenge lady! That’s really good, and I think the something sweet after tea can be forgiven in light of your other successes 🙂 That pink top really suits you, and the photos look great! (you could totally be a fitness model!).

    My only recent 30 day challenge was the Whole 30. I do have another two of those planned, and I’m also looking at a 30 day yoga challenge in the new year.

    • cakevsscales says:

      Ooooh thank you Steph – That’s so kind of you..Behind the scenes it was hard work getting the shots..It was really cold, people kept coming past and staring and I felt such a plum! 🙂
      I keep reading about the Whole 30 – I think I may give it a try next year..I’ll miss those ‘sex with your pants on’ deserts I so enjoy though..

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