September 27, 2016



There’s a first time for everything ..

Including attending a ‘secret gig’ with some awesome bloggers, grime music fans, journalists. Oh, and Radio 1xra DJ’s Sian Anderson was our host and a few other special guests including AJ Tracey and Giggs as the headliner. On a Wednesday night, in Hackney and what on earth was I doing there? Oh, you know..Just pretending to be cool, admiring other people’s shoes and hogging the photo booth.

Okay, I’ll be serious, I was kindly invited by the lovely folk at JD Sports for the launch of the new collection.

We didn’t find out the location until the evening before and fortunately Kassie and Natalie met me at Liverpool station. Or I’d have never found Mangle, mainly because navigation in London can really catch me out at times or in simple terms, I don’t know where I’m going.

Once we were inside the club, I was impressed that Asics had taken the time to decorate the club with ‘Ascis’ wallpaper and  the history of Asics trainers from 1949 to 2016. I got to catch up with Haydy and her boyfriend (who kindly took some photo’s for us) and take in the whole scene. Music was blasting, drinks were flowing, hot boxes of dumplings were being served up and a huge visual display took centre stage providing a background for the DJ’s and performers.


On to the shoes, I make no secret of the fact I’m a big fan of Asics trainers and I actually ran my last half marathon in them. I was so excited to see and try some of the new collection, gone are the day’s when trainers are only for the gym, they are now a fashion staple. I fell in love with the Gel-Kayano Evo in pale pink, with the Gel-Lite III a very close second!


As I had to whizz back to Northampton and work the next day, I had to leave pretty early and missed the set from Giggs but heard it was fantastic.


So, talk to me…How do you feel about grime music? Are you enjoying the comfort of trainers for style? Or do you stick with trainers for sport only?



Disclaimer: I was kindly invited to the event by JD Sports and gifted with a pair of trainers, however all views are my own.

6 responses to “#AsicsSecretGig”

  1. Tess Agnew says:

    I’ve regressed in my older years, gone back to baggy t shirts, hoodies, trainers and backwards caps! Love a nice crisp white pair of kicks! Grime music though…

  2. Asics are my trainer of choice too- I love them! They are so comfy although I do get swayed by the pretty colours too (and I love that they don’t just do pink for girls). I love trainers for any time apart from work too, although I tend to have skechers- I would not waste expensive trainers on just walking around!

    • cakevsscales says:

      I am so with you when you say ‘I love that they don’t just do pink for girls’…because actually I like a whole array of colours. Basically, I want alllllll the trainers because I’m a trainer magpie 🙂 I’m with you that I feel guilty using expensive trainers for walking, I like to get my money’s worth by running in my investment!

  3. Pete says:

    trainers for sports only? You must be kidding me! haha. Trainers for everything. Nice, bold bright ones too. I like to be prepared to break into a sprint at a moments notice hahaha
    This gig looks cool. What a brilliant and unique event to be invited to. Great work as always!

    • cakevsscales says:

      Ready to break a print? I like your style Pete! Wearing trainers out and about is still pretty new to me, but far better than year’s of high heels! It was a cool event, may even see you at the next one!

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