September 13, 2015

The Summer Detox : Workouts-Playlist-Fit Fashion

New Look

Ahhhhh it feel’s like summer has left us all of a sudden so I thought I’d pop together a mix of workout’s with a few interesting articles, a playlist and some sportswear I’ve been loving lately.

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Whilst the evening’s are getting colder and darker, the internet becomes a great source of entertainment for me.

Here’s the articles I’ve been loving lately:

Charie Chohen Talks ‘Eating Clean’ 

On a similar note, here’s what a nutritionist ate for a week.

Ab’s exercises that aren’t crunches (finally, some interesting new moves!)

Aha! A small space-friendly at home body weight workout

Oldie but goodie – Here’s my at home 10 minute workout


Workout Playlist

Gym Playlist New Look

Fit Fashion : New Look

New Look have created a range of fitness clothing perfect for every budget and workout, from colourful leggings (which fit like a dream), to fun slogan vest’s with brightly coloured sport’s bra’s that are just made for adding a splash of colour underneath. There’s cowl neck hoodie’s for chilly mornings or chilled evening’s at home, stylish bag’s, funky bottle’s and phone holders – There’s even trainers!

New Look Post

Crop TopT-Shirt –  Long Sleeved TopLegging’s Water Bottle –  Shorts 

New Look kindly sent me the above legging’s and I have to say I’m very impressed with the fit, the fact they have a none slip waist band and the seriously funky pattern is so darn cool.

Talk to me: Is the right playlist important to you? Are you looking forward to wrapping up and super bright leggings this winter?



Disclaimer: New Look kindly sent me the leggings but all views are my own – I am already a New Look customer and these are pieces I would buy myself.

4 responses to “The Summer Detox : Workouts-Playlist-Fit Fashion”

  1. Those leggings are fab! Love the bright (but not too bright) colour and pattern.

  2. Wow! New Look has some nice work out clothing! I need to check them out now.

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