October 16, 2014

The Imperius Bar – Review

Imprius bar

When it comes to sweet treats there are two things I really struggle to resist..

Chocolate & Almond

I really do love chocolate, I’m 100% committed to my addiction and since its ‘Chocolate Week’ this feels like the most idyllic time to write about the ‘Imperius – The champion of protein bars.

The champion? When I read that my thought process was along the lines of ‘well that’s a pretty confident title’ and when it turned up on my door step everything fell into place.

The ‘Imperius’ is a BIG eat, I don’t want to use terms such as ‘large’ or ‘man sized’ because women are also allowed to have a large appetite, I don’t subscribe to the ‘delicate little flower’ theory when it comes to eating, lifting or just general day to day life.


With all that said the ‘Imperius’ is a substantial 87g, 350+ calorie bar packed with 34g protein and can be enjoyed in two sittings if you don’t have a larger appetite or a really solid snack before a race/class/Sunday afternoon movie session. I don’t like to mention calories/energy because I don’t feel they are the be all or end all and I do genuinely think you are better to have half a ‘Imperius Bar’ than a diet bar for 100 calories any day of the week because you’ll actually feel fulfilled.

It’s important that I mention ‘Imperius’ has no gluten, no aspartame and no preservatives and best of all is the taste..

I’d describe the bar as chocolate, nutty, chewy and fulfilling; if you’re the kind of person who likes some comparisons to work with then I’d say imagine a more substantial less sickly ‘Snickers Bar’.

IronMaxx also kindly sent me some samples of their protein to try and I have to vouch for the ‘cookies and cream’ as it made the most incredible protein pancakes (I’m still obsessed by pancakes, sorry….not sorry).

So tell me have you ever tried a ‘Imperius’ before? What do you look for in a protein bar? Is it certain macro’s or flavour or brand?



Disclaimer: IronMaxx kindly sent me the bar’s to try, all opinions are honest and my own.

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  1. Tubontherun says:

    I have never tried a protein bar but a less sickly Snickers sounds good to me! I will have to keep my eye out for these.

    I am currently using Purition. I tend to sticl to vanilla flavours as they go with most things.

    • cakevsscales says:

      They are really good actually – I do like Snickers..I’m never going to deny that but these genuinely gave me less of a crash if that makes sense?
      Ahhhh Vanilla..gooood choice!

  2. Mary says:

    I’m not really big on anything like nuts or chocolate chips inside things so I’m not a massive fan of Snickers and I’m not sure I’d like these. 🙁 Although, having said that I did really enjoy some protein chocolate chip cookies I was sent earlier in the year.

    • cakevsscales says:

      Ahhh see my fella wasn’t very interested in them either But we are all so different, it’s really hard to find one bar for all..
      But protein chocolate chip cookies…now you are talking! 🙂

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