August 30, 2015

The Great Blogger Bake Off with Neff and Curry’s


I’m looking around the table and enjoying the fact that I’ve eaten 5 chocolate covered marshmallows, 4 chocolate strawberries, 2 scones plus my lunch. Oh, don’t let me forget the warm fruity bread and not one person has commented, it’s okay, I’m safely surrounded by food bloggers and they understand I need to try everything, 6 times.

Neff 1

A week ago I was let loose for the day and joined some wonderful food bloggers and Curry’s at Neff’s huge offices. The day started perfectly, I didn’t get lost, there was cookies and strong coffee, I was in my pinny and life was good.

I’ll be honest, I was excited to attend as our kitchen desperately needs a refit but it’s larger than average and due to the cost of our renovations so far that’ll have to wait until next year. However, when we do refit I’ll be fitting a Neff ‘Slide and Hide’ Oven and you’ll know about this;  because I’ll be posting daily Instagram videos of the slide and hide process.

As a matter of fact, I’d have been more than happy to move into Neff’s kitchen show room/group kitchens right away. Everything is so user friendly, from the built in coffee machine which is perfect for someone like me, to the griddle we used to make our incredible flatbreads.

I need to return my focus to the ‘Slide and Hide’ oven’s for just one second and then we’ll look at what the group made for lunch; because how could we recommend them without using them?

*Just to explain, the ‘Slide and Hide’ aspect means that the oven door neatly slides away under the oven in one swift movement once you have opened the oven door. 

*The stylish design makes it a great focal point, everyone likes a nicely kitted out kitchen right?

*All the ‘Slide and Hide’ Ovens feature Neff’s larger, 67 litre capacity, no one wants a small oven? You can’t bake lot’s of different cake’s at once in a tiny oven can you? 

*The ‘Slide and Hide’ aspect increases safety by giving you more space in the kitchen and this mean’s no more leaning over a hot oven door to check how everything is cooking. Also this means that the ‘Slide and Hide’ oven is also suitable to smaller kitchens where space saving is a must. 

neff 4

After a chat and some demonstrations about some of the wonderful products Neff has to offer, we were paired off and got started on making lunch. I really enjoyed the community feel of us all being brought together by blogging and cooking for the day. It was a brilliant way of being hand’s on with the products and with the added reward of being fed a delicious lunch!

Neff 2

We ate: Flatbreads,wild boar patties, dinky goats cheese and onion tarts, salad, grilled vegetables salmon tarts and a vegetable tart. The dessert was chocolate covered marshmallows and strawberries, you’ll be pleased to know I made sure that I ate some salad to balance out my marshmallow intake, naturally.

Once we had eaten, Lynn from Neff who has the very important job of teaching ‘The Great British Bake Off’ contestants how to use the Neff oven’s gave us a demonstration on how to make tear and share bread.

I’ve made you a little picture tutorial…

 Neff cooking

I made some for a girl’s evening I hosted the following night and it was a massive success, sometimes it’s easy to forget just how pleasing freshly baked bread is.

Neff are not just passionate about creating the perfect kitchen hard wear for cooks and bakers, they are passionate about the baking community too. You can join in the ‘Cookaholics‘ online here: Facebook TwitterInstagram – YouTube

The lovely folk at Curry’s wrote a review of the day also and if you fancy a read you can *here* 

I got to spend some time chatting and baking with some fab bloggers also, if you are looking for new lifestyle/foodie blog’s to read then check these ladies out : HaydySophie BeckiNayna – Emma and Claire 

Talk to me: Had you seen the slide and hide ovens previously? Are you following the bake off? Is there such a thing as too much cake?



Disclaimer: I was kindly invited to this event by Joe Bloggers – These are my own personal opinions and I was not compensated for this post.

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