August 10, 2016

Pink Soda Sport Review

Pink Soda 5


I’ve changed…

For the better, of course! Over the last year, I’ve found myself entering high street stores and gracefully weaving between the rails until I find the sportswear. I say gracefully, as graceful as you can possibly be whilst being the ‘always in a rush’,heavy-footed kind of lady like myself.

So now I’ve proved my status as an ‘fitness wear expert‘ (don’t quote me on that, I’m lacking modesty today) I’ll tell you about a brand called Pink Soda Sport’.

Pink Soda Sport is a LA inspired brand, think clean lines, with a striking black, white,  grey and pink colour scheme and effortless style.

Pink Soda - 4 Edited

Top Leggings 

How does the clothing perform?

Naturally, I had to put the clothing to the test; it’s hopeless if something only looks good, fit fashion needs to be functional!  I have worn the clothing several times, each a different workout (we can’t just base it on one use) and can confirm that the leggings are:

*Squat proof (and no, they don’t go see through)

*Comfortable for running (no waistline slips)

*Well cut and flattering (seriously important, if you look good, you feel good!)

*Slicker than the average, I loved the mesh and high shine panels (gone are the days when all you could buy was plain black leggings)

Pink Soda 6


I was also sent this contrasting long-sleeved crop top, which initially I felt a little bit apprehensive about. If I’m honest, my confidence waived and I feared I’d never be able to pull off such a striking look. I was so wrong, the high cut of the leggings balanced out the crop top and I felt strong, confident and most of all, I felt fierce.

Pink Soda - Edited

Top Leggings 

I do understand, not all women feel confident in just a crop top and that’s why this crop tank is ideal, it allows you to show just a little flesh. The refined design of the top is more flattering than other crop tanks I’ve tried over the years, it’s definitely been designed with modesty in mind

How does the clothing fit?

In relation to sizing, I’d say that ‘Pink Soda Sport’ run’s true to size, I’m a large UK 10 and about 5ft 6; in my opinion, everything fitted perfectly.

Fancy seeing a bit more of Pink Soda?

You can follow Pink Soda on Instagram

Or view the whole Pink Soda collection/blog here

Have you ever worn Pink Soda before? What are your sportswear staples?



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2 responses to “Pink Soda Sport Review”

  1. Laura says:

    You look fierce in that crop top – really a good look for you!

    I’ve seen Pink Soda and want to try it, but I’m on a ‘no spending’ kick at the moment. Once there’s some spare cash I’d love to get some stylish workout gear!

    At the moment I mostly work out at home, so my outfits are cheap capris and whatever t-shirt is to hand. If I’m out running, I’ll put on my Nike capris (about 7 years old but still going strong!) and a technical race t-shirt. I have some really cool leggings and things, but I’ve gained weight since I bought them so can’t currently wear ’em. Oops!

    • cakevsscales says:

      Thank you! It’s really nice clothing and I’m pretty impressed, but I workout at home mainly also and that means I can get away with low key clothing when I can’t be bothered. Don’t worry about weight gain, happens to the best of us…I can’t get into half my jeans at the moment!

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