October 21, 2015

Muscle Food : Review

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Every once in a while, whilst surfing around online I make a great discovery and I can honestly say that Muscle food was one of them.

If I was to tell you that there is a ‘virtual super market’, with all the nut butter’s you could ever want, mega meat hampers, even grains and vegetables. Would you be interested?

What If I was to add that they often have weekly deals which have previously included: 5kg of chicken cheaper than any supermarket and meat hampers you would be mad to resist? Not forgetting offers on quest bar’s and various supplementss. If you have a sweet tooth there’s a selection of high protein ice cream or if you have a cheese void in your life the virtually zero fat option is available with a click of your mouse.

Why would you order from Muscle Food instead of going to the supermarket?

Because of the variety of products; there’s food suitable for everyone including vegetarians and even vegans, which I feel this make’s it more cost effective than shopping in lot’s of different places. Secondly because of the cost effective deal’s Muscle Food offer across the range. We all know that trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle and eat well can be expensive at times when it doesn’t have to be.

What is the quality of the meat like? 

Hand on heart my view is that the quality is fantastic; I have had the pleasure of eating: chicken sausages, chicken breast fillets and steak hache. I can honestly say the portion size and taste was the same as you would expect from a quality butcher. One of the most attractive point’s is that fact all the meat was just, ‘meat‘ (for want of a better description) and it was not pumped with water to provide volume like some supermarket meat.

Need a little more convincing? Muscle food has won ‘Great Taste’ awards in 2014 and 2015, they are ‘Assured Food Standards‘ approved and you only need to spend 30 seconds looking under #eatclean or #tweetyourmeat on instagram/twitter to see how popular they are.

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What about other high protein products? 

I had the pleasure of trying theMuscle Food zero calorie syrup in strawberry and treated myself to warming bowls of peanut butter and strawberry proats. If oat’s are not your thing there’s a selection of protein bread (I can recommend this as brilliant fuel for long runs) or delicious protein cereal (I loved the vanilla almond) which I used as crunchy topping to my oat’s/flex bowl’s.

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Everyone has been raving about Nuts and More’ and I was late to the party, I tried the coconut peanut butter and have spent many an evening spooning this from the tub. Nutella’s fan’s whom are closely watching macro’s will love the prutella, to be honest it is very similar in taste to chocolate quest bar’s which I love.

It’s not all about nut butter and meat, thank’s to Muscle Food I got to try my first ever protein pizza which was the ideal ‘cheat meal’ and the macro’s are incredible for pizza.

Muscle Food 4

How do the products stay cool?

Muscle food have Hi Tech cooling system’s which mean’s your food remains cool for up to 72 hour’s, this was ideal for me as I have my orders sent to my office address and everything remained cool during my 8 hour day and journey home.

You can read about about the cooling system here.

What would be on my personal shopping list?

Whilst I will be honest and share that I was sent some items to try, I was already an existing customer and I feel it may be helpful to share what I would buy again and love to try:

Muscle Food

Naturally, this list is not exhaustive as frankly, I could go wild..

If you’re looking for a better deal on your Muscle Food order, you can find the best deals here at The Fitness Recipes 

Talk to me: Have you ordered from Muscle Food before? Would you buy meat and various other food products online? Which nuts and more should I try next?



Disclaimer: I was kindly sent some products by Muscle Food to review, however all view’s and word’s are my own. I have mentioned products that I have brought myself as I feel that it’s important to give a balanced review and I only recommend products that I genuinely buy or would buy myself.

0 responses to “Muscle Food : Review”

  1. I placed a Muscle Food order the other night and I am beyond excited for it to come; I’ve also ordered the Protein Pizza, Prutella and Walden Farms Syrup among other things so I’m glad to see others like them too! What pizza did you get?

    Great post!
    Kirsty xx

    • cakevsscales says:

      Hi Kirsty, it sounds like you have good taste! 🙂 I went for the mighty meaty pizza but would love to try the veggie option next time, it was fab being able to eat a whole pizza with no guilt! I really hope you enjoy your goodies 🙂 x

  2. Corinne says:

    I want a high protein pizza! Liquid egg whites are ALWAYS so expensive at my supermarket, I tend to just buy full eggs and separate them myself!

    Corinne x

    • cakevsscales says:

      Ooooooh they are super expensive at mine also – Around £6.50 so I tend to eat the whole egg but sometimes egg whites are just perfect for a lean few weeks 🙂 The protein pizza is darn good! x

  3. Oh my god this looks like absolute food heaven!I’ve heard so many good things about muscle food – payday is next week so I will most certainly be making an order! This will really help with getting some more protein in my diet!

    Rachel – Cake Doesn’t Count xxx

    • cakevsscales says:

      It really is a great company, I’ve already placed another order as it’s most cost effect for us to get all of our meat there…naturally nut butters etc slipped in as ‘essentials’! 🙂 If you do order you can use KG183523 for 4 free chicken breasts xx

  4. great post- i’ve been eyeing them up for a while so i’m glad to read someone’s experiences! I also loved your post on getting out of a blog rut!

    • cakevsscales says:

      Thank you! Honestly, I really like the company products so much that I’ve already placed another order.. 🙂 I’m pleased you enjoyed that post, it’s hard when you ‘hit a brick wall’ with blogging sometimes! x

  5. great post- i’ve been looking at muscle foods for a while now and deciding whether to order! I also loved your post on being a blogging rut btw! jen@www.abalancedbelly.co.uk

  6. Nick Jones says:

    Nick “OMG they do protein pizza”
    Hayley “do you think they deliver to Vietnamn”
    Nick “if they can get it here in 48 hours, then we are OK! ”

    I totally geeked out on the cooling system page!

    Decent meat was one thing we really struggled with at home, was such a pain going to the butches.


    • cakevsscales says:

      As promised – I will buy you Pizza for Xmas! 😀 Honestly, when you get back and settled I will give you all the Muscle Food low down as it’s where we order all our meat! 🙂 x

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