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Wholesome Jam Tarts (Lower Sugar,Free from dairy and protein packed)

Jam Tart

As I’m writing this I’m watching a childhood favourite; Charlie and The Chocolate Factory  and when the door opened to ‘The chocolate room’ my imagination went into overdrive. I would have done anything to go into that room, even for just a few moments.

You may wonder where I’m going with this but stay with me; when I was growing up on occasion we had afternoon tea at my grandparents. This was only reserved for sunny days, I would pedal along in the little toy car they had or roll down the grassy slopes in the garden. We would have sandwiches, fondant fancies, Lyons chocolate cakes and jam tarts.

I’m not sure why jam tarts have fallen out of fashion; they where one of the first things we baked at school and it was always tricky to choose between blackberry jam, lemon curd or strawberry jam.

Jam tarts

I won’t try to fool you; these aren’t like the traditional jam tarts, they are much lower in sugar, free from diary, packed with protein and there is no requirement to fuss with pastry (which really intimidates me). But they are simple to whip up, seriously tasty and you can make them raw if that’s to your preference but I think lightly baked gives them a wonderful chew and warm jam tarts? could you resist?

[recipe title=”Jam Tart’s” servings=”10-12″ time=”25 minutes” difficulty=”easy”]


16g Ground Flax

18g Protein Powder (I used vanilla)

40g Oats

15g  Coconut

17g Coconut Oil

1 Tablespoon argave or honey

50g Dates

Low Sugar Jam


Pre heat your oven to 160 degrees and put aside some cupcake cases or a silicone baking tray.

Place all your dry ingredients into a food processor (flax,oats,coconut,protein powder and dates) pulse a few times and add in the coconut oil (melted) and argave and pulse until a dough forms.

Now take a teaspoon of the mix and press into cupcake cases (or silicone trays if you have them) then press your thumb in the dough centre ready to be filled with jam.

Once all the dough is used spoon a little jam into each of the tarts, I’ll leave flavour and amount up to you and bake for 12-15 minutes (until the tarts are light golden colour).

Allow to cool and then enjoy, I kept these in a well sealed tupperware box in the fridge for 7 days


Are jam tarts part of your childhood memory? What other sweet treats do you miss?



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  1. These sound interesting. We used to have jam tarts with an afternoon tea style tea every Sunday evening when I was younger. Our only ingredient that is the same though is the jam! I’ll be interested to see how different these taste. They look beautiful though. 🙂

    1. Those afternoon tea’s sound wonderful – I still miss those day’s a little..
      They are very different but they taste really good, I love the jam/coconut combo and are worth a try if this is your sort of ‘thing’…I wish I could make pastry! 🙂

  2. Yay! I was waiting for this recipe 😉 It’s nice to have a change from chocolate…sometimes haha! I totally forgot these existed. Those packs of jam tarts were always in our house, and my grannies too! I remember only liking the strawberry flavour though 😛 I’ll definitely be giving this a try!

    1. Auw Lou! That’s made me smile..
      it’s wonderful to think of going to the grandparents and having jam tarts and sandwiches..I feel sad that they rarely appear these days and yes..after my chocolate over load it’s so lovely to have something a little different 🙂